Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Listen What Hollywood Said

Yellow all..

Today I blog walking to annisa's blog ann's unpredictable days and read her post about bowler hat. Suddenly my eyes catch a picture of Christina Milian wearing a blazer, and I said  to myself "hey I have one looks like those".


pair it with Serena Pants by WAM

don't we all love and get excited if we have the same item worn by a famous people? hihihi it's kinda stated "hey we have the same taste!". But I rather keep the excitement for myself than say it to the person like what several people did on Instagram. For me it's kinda silly to say "oohh  Any (artist-name for example) i have the same bag/ring/cloth like that", what are you expect to hear when you say it to them?. But no offense, it's just my personal opinion.

Anyhow, get inspiration from anywhere, even famous people in Hollywood, simply match it with your outfits and keep it shar'i. Listen What Hollywood Said

thanks for reading
salam, Wulan


  1. Hahaha... very true Wulan :D. it's kinda remind me of one of my favorite blog, the budget babe.sometimes I see the posts showing hollywood celebrities and said to myself, hey, I have that top or I have that pants!

  2. wkwkkwwk... bisa sama persis gitu ya... aaahh.. "you are so me" :D

  3. hahahah iyaa sama betul!
    btw salam kenal wulan :D

    itu post buat referensi topi+hijabnya lagi aku post ya :)