Friday, June 29, 2012


                                          if Allah brings you to it, He will bring you through it
                                                                                                               * sita's Gtalk status, inspiring

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yellow everyone,

How was your weekend? was it great?
Last weekend i went home to my family's house, where i registered as a citizen.

I went home and postpone the "our-time" with bunbun because the sub-district officer sent me a letter that i should come to the sub-district office to do the photoshoot, fingerprint detect, eye detect, and electronic autograph.

This what i wore for photoshoot, though it's only close-up photoshoot i still prepared the outfit *wink

wore Pink Blazer by W.A.M and paired it with jeans and Kami Idea shawl

this is the true licence or ID card I need ^.^

be a good citizen gurls,,
salam, Wulan

Sunday, June 24, 2012


if you like it, kindly see my facebook gurls..

thank you :-*
salam, Wulan

Thursday, June 21, 2012


hii every-you.....

tribal or aztec print is one of the trend of this year, so i don't wanna miss the moment. I tried to find some tribal things to wear. This is what i found about 2 month ago at brother land (read. tanah abang :P )

it's a 2 meters long tribal print from chiffon crepe material. When i first bought it, i planned to make it as a shawl, but then i realized chiffon crepe is too thick for a shawl ( i.m.h.o ). Actually i had an idea to sew it as a square cardigan but i never did it. For two months the tribal print chiffon crepe end up at my cupboard until last couple week i decided to wore it as a skirt .. 

this is how the look,,

bunbun took a pic while i still not ready yet

wore it with Delisha cardigan

i used pin and belt to make the "skirt" keep hanging on my waist hihi
double the tribal effect by wearing tribal T.L.T.S.N flats

btw, check out how i created a tribal pattern \(^.^)/ . i draw it with bunbun's tablet

and i love this one,, it's from poplook.
actually the dress quit affordable, too bad the shipping cost from malaysia not equal with the dress cost. (-_-")

tell me how do you tribalized your outfit gurls ?


Friday, June 15, 2012

current crush : mini sewing machine

One upon a time, me and the girls from my office had a lunch together on our long meeting-table. Girl's lunch-time is one of my favorite (escape) time at the office beside praying, talking at the pantry, hang out with bunbun and other smoker boys at the emergency staircase.. *i escape too much, do i ? :P

one of my friend, Sita said that she is craving for a mini sewing machine.. what ? can you repeat that again please? a mini sewing machine !! it's like the answer of my dreams lately, I want to start sew, make a simple dress for my own or for my niece , dynda.

this is how the sewing machine looks like

pic from mogus

imagine...!! it's only 18 cm height, I can put it in my office bag and sew under my desk  *LOL
I will give you the review if I already buy it.. *run to the nearest Ace Hardware

thank you for reading peps
salam, Wulan

Monday, June 11, 2012

arm party

hai every you...
yesterday i tried arm party... some people call it arm candy, but i search on google and found out that the meaning of arm candy isn't nice at all (IMHO).

pic from http://projectgadabout.squarespace

but like i've said before here , i have less bracelet then other accessories, so this is the only bracelets i can get for the 'party'. 

and add some ring

and this is my 'arm party' looks

 not such a big party right? ^.^

my poker face ^.^

thanks for reading,
salam , Wulan

Thursday, June 7, 2012

DIY : shoulder cut out

try to renew my old shirt by cutting it and make it as shoulder cut out
payless but still got the trend ^.^

wear it with palazzo

try it ! not only rubbish need to be recycled, so do our old closet

salam, Wulan

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

flowery stripes

i never knew that stripes and flowery can get along very well *so late huh?

it's a destiny, they met and they fall in love for each other *dramaaa* :P

salam, Wulan

Monday, June 4, 2012



  do u ever read this quote before?

I've noticed this quote stated on tees, mugs, bags, poster etc long times before. I wondered what is the quote about? who stated it first? or is it belongs to some brand?

From google i found that it was a propaganda posters to be displayed through whole British Isles, a messages from King Goerge VI to all people that all capable measures to defend the country were being taken during the war with Germany. Thats why it had a crown on top of it. Read more about the history here

Seems that fashion industry didn't wanna miss the to be the part of the propaganda...

i love this one ^.^

 and we all LOVE this one , right ? *wink

it had rhyme, ^.^

Thanks for reading , all
Salam, Wulan

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Blog Look

suddenly think to change the blog appeareance, *inspired by irma :D

actually it was kinda hard to decide this changing look, because i love the colorful look like before, but i think maybe i've hurt some readers eyes with the polkadot background, so i change it with plain neutral color.

traaa daaaa . . . !!!
what do you think?

frankly i'm not satisfied yet with this new appearance, maybe i will add some sweet color and cute picture someday
pic from flickr

salam, Wulan