Sunday, May 27, 2012

APPMI Fashion Show 2012

Another event that i attended to broaden my horizon on Indonesia's fashion. I try to be smarter on addressing fashion trends, not only to observe and apply the trends but also to learn where the trends will go because i'm establishing my own clothing line. I got the invitation from Dian Pelangi's blog, really easy...just texted Sonep or Mba Dara ^_^ hohoho. Texting Sonep is more thrilling then texting my bunbun..
I went on the second days of the fashion show, which show collections from Jenny Tjahyawati, Tuty Adib, Dian Pelangi, dan Nunik Muwardi. Here are some pic from the APPMI fashion show.


Aquaristic by Jenny Tjahyawati, dominated by blue tye dye. IMHO, blue is a good pick color, but tried to play with tye dye just gonna make people compare you with Dian Pelangi

Venus in love by Tuty Adib, I interpret her fashion as a cosmic fashion by looking the fabric she use on her design. Frankly i though the cosmic look not so in fashion anymore, i've seen it before from some fashion blog


By Nuni Muwardi, the collections didn't have a name so i can't figured what the fashion design about. But frankly i dont really like the designs because she made 7/8 dress or skirt so the model need to wore a tight which not appropriate for hijabers

pic from welovejakarta

Plastic Doll by Dian Pelangi, the most awaited collections. A very big applause already heard since the first model walk on the catwalk. But for many people include me felt lil bit disappointed because Dian didn't appear at the fashion show. Look at the pastel color on her design and the accessories on the model, it built the 'plastic doll' atmosfer very well, I feels like litlle girl on a Barbie world. Stand applause from me to Dian Pelangi.

the 'must-take-a-pic-in-front-of-it' wall , wore black dress code

BTW, about my own clothing line, wish me everything will run smooth and i can launch my design as soon as possible ... amiiin ya Rab

thank you for reading
salam , Wulan

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

red jeans

suddenly missing wearing (red) jeans

face description : just woke up, didn't take a bath, drove 30 km far ^^

face description : think why this shoes beautiful yet painful

because  i  really miss this red jeans, i wore it 2 days in a row last holiday.
aren't we all do that? wear (our favorite) jeans a few times... hmmm  #think

thank you for reading ^^
salam, Wulan

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yellow,, salam all

how's your day? I hope everything run terrific.

Today i'd like to share you about my earring. I love to wear an earring, coz it makes you looks more feminine. Though you have an extra short hair cut like a boy, an earring will makes you look as a gorgeous lady and add some value on your total look.  I actually have 5 piercing in my right ear, which i used to put an earring on each of it before i wear hijab. After i covered my self, i thought i will never wear an earring anymore, but since there's an inner ninja that allow us to makes a lot of alternative creation on covering our head i found a way to wear an earring again. huraaayy...

simple square earring
a'la Rihanna feather earring..... uppss , my ear seen lil bit

i like this one, red chandelier

salam, Wulan

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


" If people do not believe that mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is "

so, just keep your life simple. Happy longweekend everyone  ^^

Friday, May 11, 2012

Turquoise and Tule


  Last week i met up with putri, she's my friend i knew from moshaict bazaar, so the true thing we have in common is that we are really intent to moshaict bazaar :P

I wore a tule skirt, the same one with irma wore here. It's one of my design, i love it so much because it's really flowy and makes me feel graceful. The skirt real color is turquoise but since the pic took only by my boyf tablet so the color change. I mix the turquoise skirt with something white to make the turquoise more dramatic and add some stripes to make it more groovy.

 My skirt's color supposed to be like this,, isn't it cute ?
I think i'm gonna ask my boyf to buy a good camera so i can put a lot of nice pics here, and i hope some photography technique can hide my ugliness and turn it into a beautiful lady hihihi

thank you for reading
salam, Wulan

Saturday, May 5, 2012

DIY : Cap Toe Shoes

hello world \(^_^)/

This is my first DIY, i made a cap toe shoes from my old shoes. it's quite easy, just need a scotch tape and nailpolish.

and this is the result  *drumroll*

  it matchs the bag (^_^)

and now i'm thinking to do DIY for a bright color cap toe shoes ... hmmm

pic from

salam, Wulan.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

cover you inside and outside

hi, everyyou

i'm selling an inner cover a.k.a headress with zipper for Kami Idea,
it's really fit and cover my head, neck, chest and shoulder very well
go on and try it, you can have it by sending me a text. dont forget to read howtoorder