Tuesday, July 31, 2012

die for tie dye

hellow everyone,,

remember the big shopping bag i brought from the sisterhood event,,
this is one of the bag contents,, slouchy pants and 'rajut' shawl by Dian Pelangi

why am i posing with tissue in my hand ? not clear (read : ga jelas)

The shawl and the slouchy pants are not my first Dian Pelangi's things. I bought wide dress last year but i rarely wear it. I love the slouchy and the shawl more than the wide dress, maybe because i bought it while discount ,, yes yes i {heart} discount%   ^.^

meet my niece, Dynda, she is my first niece so i'm pretty excited to share girl's stuff, girl's talk, girl's thingies with her. She is so cute, love her ::big hug

thanks for reading,
salam, Wulan

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Featured in VEMALE

I was featured on vemale.com *blushing

read the article here
btw I have no idea why they have to put our ages on the article, i'm the eldest among the others (-_-")

thank you for reading girls
salam, Wulan

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

current crush : galaxy

i know galaxy thingies kinda past for few months ago, i dunno why but 'galaxy skirt' suddenly pop-up on my mind..

galaxy skirt from OBB

anyone ever know where to buy galaxy skirt in Jakarta? I found one from OBB,, hmm wish KL only as far as Bogor or Bandung, so I can pick up the lovely skirt right away from the store 

* i like to stare at the nite sky, try to find galaxy (skirt) there

salam, Wulan

Sunday, July 22, 2012


Yhellow all,,

I recently in love with this pattern,

anyone know what the pattern called in fashion glossary?
anyhow, I bought a scarf and wore it as a vest to layered my orange basic tank-dress, tied it with a gold vintage belt.
this was the look....

i should added some red lipstic on my face *sigh

thank you for reading
salam, Wulan

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sisterhood the event

assalamualaikum all
hi everyyou

 Finally the sisterhood-day came....the thrill.. feels like the high school promnite hihihi

I went there with irma, and we were very happy to be the part of the event. The audiences were less than expected, only half of the quota provided by the event organizer.

I attend the sisterhood class, host by Hanna and Fifi, my favorite duo, with Hana Tajima, Shea Rasol, Jezmine Zaidan, and Ami Schaheera as the guest stars. What can be more happy than being in the same room with our favorite blogger, seeing them 'live' ^.^   Shea, Ami and Jezmine share their blogging experiences, and in the end each gave a hijab tutorial.

I was the first audience who ask a question \(^.*)/  not such an important info hihihi. I raised my hand very quick and high so the host pick me as the first audience to ask. I asked a question to Jezmine about her OBB stores,,, *no pic but didn't mean hoax :-P

After Shea, Ami and Jezmine went to back stage, then it was time for Hana Tajima, surprisingly ... she is so small !! far than what i ever imagine her as a girl with a model figure. But the photo didn't lie, she is so pretty as we saw on the internet.

here are some few pic i can share,, still don't have a camera hikss

sisterhood tree : the leaves made from our fingerprints

happy face after spent a lot of money on Dian Pelangi 's booth
tired face, wish to see bunbun as soon as possible *spoiled

salute for the brilliant Dian Pelangi for making this event
that's all the field report of Sisterhood 2012, thank you for reading

Salam, Wulan

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Take a Bow

assalamualaikum all

how was your weekend?
mine's terriffic \(^.^)/ , thank you to bunbun for the effort to make our weekend more special

entire outfits by WAM

salam, Wulan

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Sun in the Sky

Gaudi Blue Jumpsuit | Polo Yellow Cardigan | Dian Pelangi Shawl

Quick getaways to Puncak with family yesterday. It was the Jakarta District Election Day or we called it Pilkada, so we had an official holiday for 1 day...\(^.^)/. Refreshing..   

poker face #

btw, remember the inner zipper Kami Idea I sell here ? yesterday I picked the skyblue one and cover it with yellow gradation shawl from DP. The inner zipper wrap my head firmly, very slick and comfy. I love it :)

thanks for reading peeps

Salam, Wulan

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


a very pleasing mail from Mr. Postman, the thrill is more than receiving a love letter i never get a love letter anyway (-_-").

my sisterhoodclass ticket already in hand .. hureeeyyy
i really want to take part in this event, because my fav blogger who inspired me at the first time to make a blog and do online store selling vintage-look-stuff,  Jezmine Zaidan will be there with her Old Blossom Box vintage cute stuffs. But there will be another fabulous blogger from abroad such as Hana Tajima (who inspired alot of girls to take a pic using SLR camera in front of the mirror ,, yes she is the owner of 'it' pose), Ami Schaheera, Shea Rasol, and also Dina Tokio.
The event will be consist of 4 part which is Sisterhood Bazaar, Sisterhood Meet & Greet, Sisterhood Dinner and Sisterhood Class. I choose to attend the Sisterhood Class cos I thing I can get more useful information rather then attending meet and greet or dinner.

btw check this flyer i read from Dian Pelangi's blog


is there any super important information your eyes catch from  flyer? let me help you make it clear then

guess i have to prepare a lot of cash for the bazaar.. God please forgive my guilty pleasure.
*counting cash in the wallet

anyone join the event too?
meet me there, lets silaturahmi ^.^

Salam, Wulan

Monday, July 9, 2012

van java

Yelooww all,

A few weeks ago I went to Bandung for an official trip from my office. Almost the entire staff from the office went there. It was a fun journey, because besides I like to travel, Bunbun also joined the trip.  fyi we work in the same office :P

Before returning to Jakarta, it seems so wrong (red. ga afdol hihihi) not to stop by at some Factory Outlet, so me and friends decided to stop by on Jalan Riau. There's alot of Factory Outlet there, but I'm most likey Lily and Rose, because it sell a cute clothes with reasonable price, and the store got a comfy and cute concept, 

look at the clothes,, like a vitamin to the eyes
the changing room, you have to open the door to see the mirror .. cute right?
they even decorate the backyard garden in front of the toilet
 this is what i've got from Bandung

i love the washed color and the accent of it's pocket and bottom
shoes #1
shoes #2
there's a story about the shoes, i can't decided which shoes will i pick. So i ask Bunbun's opinion which one nicer, he said  "pick one whichever you like, cos i will buy the other one for you". yeeeeaayy,,   oo  i <3 him so ^.^


that's the story of Bandung,, wishing to go back there again with Bunbun,, not satisfied yet with the Factory Outlet hihihi

thank you for reading,
Salam, Wulan

Monday, July 2, 2012

Purple Leopard

W.A.M  Leopard Maxi Dress and Purple Cerutti Shawl

a big lunch meal with my family cos it was my daddy's birthday

my favorite nephew and niece

he will never let me pose alone :(


may Allah bless my daddy for the rest of his old ages. amien ya Rabb

salam, Wulan