Wednesday, April 23, 2014

leaving the comfort zone

I wear sunnies a lot here, more than in Jakarta where I only put my sunnies on while driving on a daylight. I always like cat-eye frame or at least frame that a bit square to balance my round-shape face. One day I saw my friend wear a round-frame sunnies and I think it was super cool. The other day I found the same sunnies like my friend have, and I decided to bought mine. I love it, gives me new look. 

It is good to try something different, if you like the new thing then carry on, but if you don't like it just keep trying, you might surprised with what you've never know you're gonna love. 

but perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you . . . . (al baqarah; 216)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ballerina In Sneakers


Hi, how are you doing ? hope you guys doing great this week as I am. Though I had a so-so week, I'm not gonna say I have a 'not so great' week because it shows ungrateful of what Allah had gave to me. Living in a new city had risen my adventurer side to explore the city and the country as well. But it's a shame, I haven't met anyone who have the same eager to go out and explore new place as much as I do. Besides, I have to be serious with my study, so I need to balanced my time between become a tourist and a student. 
Being a student after a quite long time 'not in a relationship' with school is not so easy. However, I found one thing that makes me happy having 'student' title is that I felt as though I got my licence to dress-up as casual  as I want. I got freedom to play with my outfit without someone telling me that I look weird or inappropriate like what sometimes happens when I was at the office.