Sunday, March 30, 2014

In the Circuit


Yellow !! How are you guys doin? Hope everything doin great like what I've experienced lately. As you know,  -or now you will know that- , I stay in Australia now for 2 years study. It's a great life and great opportunity in my life. I won't spend my time here for granted, yet in study or in having fun.

On the 16th of March there was a cool event held in Melbourne, Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. I'm not a fan of this sport, but attending a sport or music event and watch it live always makes your adrenalin rushed and give an unforgettable experience, right? . So I thought, why don't I watch the race with my friends ?! I was excited because it was my first experience to watch Formula 1 race, I even googled 'what to wear for watching F1'. ::shy. The key word for the outfits is Red-White-Black colors or -you can choose other colors if you like to look different-, just go casual -no formal gown, no big purse. And this is my attempt ,,,

inside the circuit
look at the crowd
(as if) had a pic with the champion

For me, hat is a must ! It can boost your appearance and also keep your head comfortable in sunny day or when the weather turn a bit wet. Ow btw, I think the exhibition's organizer also googled 'what to wear for F1', because look at how they organized the car , White-Red-Black. :D 

Thank you for reading 


Friday, March 21, 2014

Cape { the } Town

Cape is kind of sleeveless outer that come from nineteenth century and firstly being used in Europe. This fashion item periodically return and become other option of outer to make a classic and elegant look nowadays. 
Last month I had an international student event which require every student to use their national cloth from their own countries. I decided to make a traditional-classic-yet-modern look by wearing a Tenun Ikat Cape.

me and my Phillipino friends

no matter how far you go, always remember where you start
Indonesia .


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Don't Go Plain, Go Plaid !


I'm kinda into plaid lately,, I wear it a lot, and one day I go crazy for it and combined three plaid on my outfit - shirt, micro skirt and shoes.

So here is the story behind the pictures. I joined my friend (lia) visited her friend (ron). Ron marry Indonesian, and he will leave the country to stay with his wife cause the wife couldn't enter Australia. Ron lived in South Morang, pretty far from the city. And behind his house is a habitat of wild kangaroo -and snakes as Ron said-, so he took us there, we walked into bushes and the only thing we found is kangaroo poop :P . I almost couldn't feel my feet because I was afraid snakes will show up. When we walked back to Ron's house desperately, suddenly a kangaroo showed up. And when I took my phone to take a picture, the batterie run out ! So no evidence that I've met a kangaroo :P 

What surprising me was, that Ron said we couldn't approach the kangaroo because he is wild and when he feel uncomfortable he will be aggressive and attach us. Cute but danger ! .So girls , be careful with cute creature, they might be danger for you - I'm talking about boys , if you're not sure with what I mean-   :D