Thursday, December 31, 2015


31 December 2015.
Today, social media are busy with people posting their #2015bestnine picture. They pick,, or actually an apps pick 9 pictures from instagram (or facebook maybe, I'm not sure how it works..) that gets most liked by followers. However I have my own hastags which I called #Alhamdulillah2015. I pick one moment that becomes highlight of my 2015, that is my graduation. Yes only one moment,, I am that picky! ;) . Getting my master degree from the number one university ( yes I'm a proud alumni :D ) in Australia is another milestone in my life and its happened this year in 2015. 

although my family could not attend my graduation, but some special people came and made my day :)

ow I would like to share what I wore for my graduation. I brought a lace top and my mom's jarik in parang rusak print from Indonesia. Although graduation in here is less formal compare to graduation ceremony in Indonesia, but I really want to wear something that shows my identity as Indonesian. I'm kinda proud to wear  kebaya and kain for my graduation. I just tried to make sure that I will be comfortable enough when walking on the stage.

I brought a small clutch to put in essential items. I brought cellphone to kill the boredom while waiting my name to be called on stage, and also takes selfie :). I also brought gum for my throat when it dry because of excitement or nervousness and a foldable flat shoes. This foldable flat shoes from Scholl is totally a life saver after walking and standing for hours with heels. 

Happy new year for you who read this! I hope you have a great year ahead :)
Lets say #Alhamdulillah2015 and #Bismillah2016 !


Friday, December 25, 2015

How I Pack for My Business Travel

Yellow peeps,

Today I would like to share you of how i pack for my business travel. Packing is a hard thing to do especially for girls who would bring everything they have on their closet and put it on their luggage so they would have a lot choices of what to wear during the trip. I don't know with you guys, but sometimes I bring so much cloths even for two or three days trips because I used to layer my outfits. Whilst pack everything in a big luggage will end up a long wait for baggage on the airport because you could not bring your stuff on the cabin. So this time I try to mix match my outfits so I can put all the cloths I bring in my cabin size luggage

I got a chance to visit Canberra last October to join a program called BAGUS Program. BAGUS stands for Bringing Australian Government Understanding to Students, *such a brilliant abbreviation isn't it?!*.  The trip is sort of a business travel because the program includes visiting Australia's Parliament, Australia's government office and having dinner with some official from the office. For this official trip I have to bring formal, semi formal and off course casual outfits for strolling the city if I have free time in between the program. And here are what I brought to be mix and match :

(1) jeans (2) stripes tees (3) two shirts (4) cardigan (5) a pair of suit and (6) Batik skirt - not to forget accessories to complete the look such as pearl necklace, batik clutch. 

Day 1. departing from Melbourne 
I wore stripes tees and put blazer on it. Stripes is always a good choice to have a casual look but still look classy and by wearing the blazer you can save space on your luggage while keep you warm during the flight. I also wore boots because it was spring and the weather was a bit chill *and it also looks cool for your airport #ootd* ;) . When I had free time once I arrived in Canberra, I went for sight seeing around the hotel I stayed. Don't need to change cloths I just took off my blazer and ready to wondering around the city.

(1) + (2) + (5)

Day 2. formal dinner with Australian officials
I wore Batik skirt and black cardigan that I button so it works as a top. I put long necklace to get chic look. This look could also work for sightseeing around city.

(4) + (6)

Day 3. visit to Australia Public Service's office
I wore white shirt with my suit pants and paired it with cardigan I wore the night before.

(3) + (4) + (5)

Day 4. visit to Parliament House 
It was a formal visit so I wore my pair of suit with blue shirt.

(3) + (5)

The key for mix and match is to do it in neutral hue or do it in one tone color. Don't forget to bring some accessories and be playful with it.  I brought cloths in  neutral hues like grey, white and black. I pick statement accessories such as pink heels, long necklace and batik clucth ! Now you can still look stylish while travel in light. :)


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Style in Back Crop Top

Hellow gurls

I found this back crop top on a sample-sale store. It cost me not more then 15$ but it looks like a piece from some indie label boutique. The top has a unique cutting so by simply pair it with any kind of pants or skirt, it will create an edgy look. 

Having a nice cutting top is an investment for your closet. This back crop top becomes my favorite piece lately. I wear it a lot with jeans, dungarees even ikat skirt. It works for casual and also formal occasion.

wear it on Australia Awards Farewell Event

For formal event I paired the top with self-designed ikat skirt. The top falls perfectly at my skirt 's waist band. 

@ pellegrinis, the very first coffee shop in Melbourne


Thursday, October 8, 2015

Style in Dungarees

dungarees + shirt + tie + heels = smart playful look

dungarees H&M | heels EVB

dare to try this look for office attire? ;)


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Salt Water

It is unbelievable how life can change in a blink of an eye. All plans that I have made fall through in a time and a way that I never expected. Well, who ever expect that their plan will fail anyway? They say if you want something, put your 1000 per cent of heart, thought and effort on it, then the universe will give it to you. Mestakung - The Law of Attraction. So that was what I did, for years I focused myself on the perfect picture of me finally get what I've planned to. But Allah is the best of planners, He knows exactly that my plan is not good enough for me. So as He is also the turner of hearts, one day all of the sudden  He made me stop wanting what I always wanted to have. Unfortunately, because of the Law of Attraction theory, I never wanting anything else, I never prepare for another plan. 

We sometimes give so much
that we end up losing ourselves

I guess the words speak the truth. There was a moment where I felt lost. I didn't know what I want and I did't know what to do. I even stop studying, and spent most of my time in bed. I've shared my problems to some friends and they've gave their best support for me but I knew in this situation the only person that can help me is myself. I need to gather myself up and find myself back. So one day I decided to go away from the city by myself.  Just to think of myself, to feel myself and to be with myself. 

I can say I'm still lucky enough to experience this unpleasant situation here in Melbourne. When I felt like I need to escape from everything, I took random train platform and ended up on a beach. It was Frankston Beach.  

The cure for anything is salt water:
 sweat, tears or the sea. 
Isak Dinesen

Allah is always kind to me. For every lost that happens in my life, I see it as another chances given by Allah swt for me to  bring myself back to His path. I believe, His plan is way more beautiful than my plan. And I have started to prove it :)  Bismillah


Friday, May 8, 2015

a lonely heart

which one is worst ? feeling empty or feeling lonely?
or maybe both are the same. I felt really empty lately, I thought maybe because I felt lonely or maybe it was other way around, I felt lonely thus I felt empty.

Is this how its feel to be in 'perantauan'?

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Square Shirt Square Pants

Hellow Yellow !

I didn't go anywhere today, kinda Sad-ur-day .... hiks :'(
I miss everyone, but everyone seems to have their own busyness so I just stay at home.
Anyway ,,, stay at home doesn't mean you don't need to dress nicely, right? I like to dress nicely although I only stay at home and not even expecting any guest to come. For me dressing up is a way to show your grateful and  respect of yourself. It is true what they say - 'Don't Dress to Impress', but dress and be pretty because you now you deserve to look good and be good. I'm not saying that you need to dress in total look like you want to go to a party. What I'm trying to say is dress nicely so you would like your shadow when you look at the mirror and you would feel good about yourself. Women who feels good about themselves would bring good vibes to her surrounding. 

So I played dress up a bit today, and snap snap.. here's the looks  ! :) 


I guess Red is Always Right 
and Black - White - Red combo will never goes wrong


Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wear Flare Don't Care

Fashion is cyclical. What's in trend nowadays is something that already worn by fashion people decades ago. There is actually nothing new from what so called as the latest trend, because mostly it is an improvement of what has been in the fashion industry years before. Say, fringe, the spring/summer trend that is inspired by bohemian people from years 1970's. But does fringe really start to exist in fashion since year 70's? Then what about the flapper dress, with fringes at the bottom part of it or sometimes on the entire dress,  worn by girls in 1920's? We can say that most fashion item will re-emerge and trending again in the future. 

This year's trend is the re-emerge of fashion in 1970's. People start to put their pencil-pants and have a bigger-bottom pants, and so do I  ^^   I bought a flare pants from a Sunday market since early last year, because I like how Rachel Zoe pull it off while every body still wearing boyfriend jeans or pencil crop pants. Since I bought it, I never really had guts to wear it for out, so end up I only wore it at home. But this year, I think, well this is the time, it is already legal now to wear flare-pants because the magazine says 1970's is back in 2015.  pufff lame girl *-*

Flare pants will be best paired with platform shoes or sandals so the legs will looks longer and really shows the flare shapes. On picture above I paired my flare jeans with long-vest and shirt jeans, while below I wore it with a cartoon tees and a varsity jacket. I'm not sure tho that varsity jacket is from 1970's but it's kinda give an old-school look right? The second look is inspired by this lovely girl.

Gorman flare pants | H&M varsity jacket | Cotton On tees | Zara shirt jeans 


Friday, April 24, 2015

My very first (No-Bake Oreo Cheese) Cake

Hellooow yellow!

Apa kabar semua nyaah? I have a story from last week, about my very first attempt on making a cake. It was an Oreo Cheese Cake, but made without having to bake it. This recipe is perfect for me who lives in an apartment that is not equipped with an oven. The process is pretty easy *ehem sombongnyaa* where all you need to do is just put everything in the bowl, mixed it and put it into the baking pan. Jahaha  :D  I'm not gonna tell you how to make the cake because surely I'm not the expert, however what I'm going to tell you is the experience of making my first cake and what I feel about it *cewe banget yaa pake feeling terus

Actually baking cake is a familiar thing for me. When I was little my mom often bake cakes for  a special occasion or just for us to eat on the weekend. I used to help her prepare the utensils, measure the ingredients or  the most exciting task was to help her hold the mixer. I always have this paranoia of the mixer gone out of control and dropped the bowl  0_O. So when I actually did my first attempt on making a cake, I felt like I'm channeling my mom and tried to remember what and how would she do when making a cake. Ow and so you know, my mom past away when I was 17th, so I didn't get much chances to learn to be a grown up women from her. This successful attempt marks a  new milestone in my life, especially since baking a cake is something that my mom love to do. 

Even though the recipe is quit easy, but it wasn't as smooth as what I've learned from the tutorial video on Youtube. When I tried to make the creamy layer, the cream wouldn't whipped while I've been mixed it for almost half an hour, luckily I used electrical mixer not a whisk. I don't wanna get a muscle by baking a cake ! . Feeling devastated, I took a rest for a while and googled why my cream wouldn't whipped and then I found out that I've used wrong type of cheese cream and cream. I bought the one for cooking, which will never whipped unless you willing to hold the mixer onto the cream for about a day maybe? After figured out the mistakes I ran to the groceries store and bought new cheese cream and cream and make sure it said 'for baking' or 'whipped' in the packaging. In this point I realised making a cake is not as easy as play dress up. You can not mix and match everything and substitute an ingredient with other ingredient although it is quit similar.  On baking, you can be creative when you are an expert, but for beginner like me - better stick to the recipe. While, say in fashion, you can be super creative with what you want to wear and you only need one recipe, put a lot of confidence on  yourself while you wear it. :) 

so here are pictures of my cake, I know it didn't look pretty like in the cake shop but all my friend who've tasted it said that it was delicious even more than the one they can get in a restaurant. *thank God I have lovely friends*  

I like to wait my mom to finish mixing the creamy dough so I can lick the whisk after

tradaaa ! proudly present my first cake :)
perkakas nya harus warna warni biar masaknya semangat :D
oopss I guess I focused the pic on the box not the cake :D

Kue ini terinspirasi dari link ini dan dari postingan dari blog Mia di sini. Thank you Mia buat postingannya yang sangat menginspirasi :)

What I like about social media and blog is, you can get lots of information and knowledge if you use it wisely. Get inspired by people you follow on the internet and don't get jealous with them! This is what sometimes people fall to when using social media, they see it with negativity thus they disadvantage themselves by not getting any positive things from what they see on the internet.

if you want to try to make your own cheese cake, you can check this video 

selamat mencoba ! ^^