Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday i went to INACRAFT 2012, at first i felt doubt to came to this year INACRAFT coz i afraid i will spend a lot of money for things i already have and don't need another more. But,,, ahaaa !! another idea came up,,,  since i have a willing to join more bazaar this year so i need to go to INACRAFT to find some inspiration of how i decorate my booth someday.  *justification* hihihi

These are some booth with interesting decoration i've found

i like this booth because its look kinda classy, simple but elegant with the combination of white color and wood element

this Up2U booth looks comfy and feels like in our own room with its fur carpet, small couch, and a child-painting wall background

this booth really eye catching because it's ceiling decoration, looks beautiful with a lot of flower hanging on the ceiling, but would be nicer if used for wedding decoration.

i have no comment for this booth decoration :P just focus on its crowd. Dian Pelangi booth always become a most wanted booth on every exhibition.

this is the really happening songket blazer and outer... hmmm.. once i knew the price, i never touch this blazer anymore where ever i see it hihi

I went there on last day of the exibition, hope it will be less crowd and more discounts from the tenant. Totally Wrong ! it was really crowded and no last-day-discount ... whaaattt ??!!

but to feed my hungry-eye (read. lapar mata), I finally bought this,,

wallet, belt, bracelet, car-key wallet all from leather. 
if one of you who read this post are a member of animal-protection-association,,,,, i'm sorry but these stuff are soooo cute  (-_-)

i only lasted for 3 hours there and i believe i only saw the quarter of the exhibition, but i have no regret because the longer i stayed there, the more i got exhausted, the more i spent money :P

BTW, i'd like to share my new hijab,, since i came to the exhibition alone so i have no one to help me take the pic of my outfit, so i can only share to you the hijab :P

it's my recent favorite hijab.. bunny Fifi Lapin print scarft. Isn't it cute ? if you like it you can have it, just read howtoorder and contact me right away. ^^

* i always tell you my 'recent favorite something' but its always change and only last for a few days .. wierdo :D

thats all the field report of INACRAFT

salam, Wulan

Saturday, April 28, 2012

no boss

this was what happen when my boss out of town....
because of my curiosity and inspired by my previous post here, so i decided to go to the nearest mall from my office and bought this

and i used my right-side brain to make this

and made some 'act-as-if-i'm-working' poses

 that's how i killed boredom yesterday ^_^ 
(Don't) Come back soon boss :-P

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

bazaar report 22042012

Hi gurls,

Last week became an exciting week for me because my 2nd bazaar with Ardestyfair was held. After preparing all stuff for bazaar during the whole week finaly the H-day came. It was tiring yet happy day for me, and became more special because boyf always support me during preparation and accompany during whole bazaar-day.



alhamdulillah everything ran well that day,,,, a lot of costumers came to the booth, met new friend from other booth, having full day together with boyf doing new things. again,,, alhamdulillah

*though i directly went to bed right away i arrived home and hardly wake even to have some dinner hihi

Monday, April 23, 2012

Nail-Art Inspiration


check this out and prepare your eyes not to blink on this cute pics



sooo cute,,,, too bad i'm not a 'nail-polished girl'
* how can i do my laundry with nail like that anyway :-P

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

wed on sat

last saturday i went to my friend wedding receptions, and this is what i wore.

pardon my 'fake smiling face' cos i needed it to cover my smiling-not smiling face or we can say it as 'senyum nanggung'. I came to the receptions alone, not such thing i like to do, that's where the 'smiling-not smiling' face came from.
~(^ ^)~

Friday, April 13, 2012

project wam!

wam! will be joining the ardesty fair 2012 at Menara Hijau - Jakarta
read more about this event from their blogspot and fanpage

come and join, meet me there and let's have some fun shopping there, 
don't forget to bring a lot of cash  \($_$)/

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last night i had a hard conversation with boyf, and in the end i went home in silence. It was sadness and anger come up at once during driving home. I felt like i need to share it to my friends and so i rang my friend as i arrive home. At the beginning seams like i wanna spilt out a thousand words about what happened. But in the middle of phone conversation, suddenly i ran out words, all the anger and the sadness vanish. I heard my heart said to itself...

i love him anyway, he is who i want, that's Ok if he wasn't act as what i expected. 

i promised to myself to listen him more, understand him more, keep the voice tone low and never cut his words. 
may Allah will bring us both to a goodness.  

when in argue with your lover, remember it's not important to win the situation,
but what more important is not to lose the person

Friday, April 6, 2012

OOTD : 3 fav things

hi there,,, 
how was your holiday?
i hope it was great like mine, coz i spent my day with my 3 favorite things and 1 favorite boyf  \(^^)/ alhamdulillah..

fav #1 mustache ring
fav #2  zebra print scarft

fav #3 boots

there's suppose to be boyf in front of me, i'm sorry to crop you baby :P

the pic not in a good quality, but i will update it soon as i get the pic in higher resolution :) thank you for reading, have a nice weekend...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


many things to be proud of being Indonesian.
we have many great youth who done great things abroad and successfully brought Indonesia to the higher international level. One of Indonesian youth who catch my attention is Liquica Anggraini Raden. She is the founder of RADENRORO, one of the daring yet wearable clothing line based in New York City. The collection has been consistently praised for its use of top-quality fabrics and superb construction since its debut on the international fashion stage in 2008. RADENRORO can be found in finer specialty and department stores throughout the United States around the world or you can go to Harvey Nichols to find her collections.

Besides of how she makes Indonesia's designer can stand in the same line with other world's designer, what impressed me from RADENRORO is how she named the collection using truly Indonesian name such as Guruh, Pipit, Zaenab, Nuning etc.

oww i really love this girl ,, she didn't forget her birthplace ... hikss so touching
pic from

She even use my name on her design  horeeeyy

next time if we, me or you, get a chances to do something abroad,,
do it good and don't forget our birthplace,,*wink