Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wear Flare Don't Care

Fashion is cyclical. What's in trend nowadays is something that already worn by fashion people decades ago. There is actually nothing new from what so called as the latest trend, because mostly it is an improvement of what has been in the fashion industry years before. Say, fringe, the spring/summer trend that is inspired by bohemian people from years 1970's. But does fringe really start to exist in fashion since year 70's? Then what about the flapper dress, with fringes at the bottom part of it or sometimes on the entire dress,  worn by girls in 1920's? We can say that most fashion item will re-emerge and trending again in the future. 

This year's trend is the re-emerge of fashion in 1970's. People start to put their pencil-pants and have a bigger-bottom pants, and so do I  ^^   I bought a flare pants from a Sunday market since early last year, because I like how Rachel Zoe pull it off while every body still wearing boyfriend jeans or pencil crop pants. Since I bought it, I never really had guts to wear it for out, so end up I only wore it at home. But this year, I think, well this is the time, it is already legal now to wear flare-pants because the magazine says 1970's is back in 2015.  pufff lame girl *-*

Flare pants will be best paired with platform shoes or sandals so the legs will looks longer and really shows the flare shapes. On picture above I paired my flare jeans with long-vest and shirt jeans, while below I wore it with a cartoon tees and a varsity jacket. I'm not sure tho that varsity jacket is from 1970's but it's kinda give an old-school look right? The second look is inspired by this lovely girl.

Gorman flare pants | H&M varsity jacket | Cotton On tees | Zara shirt jeans 


Friday, April 24, 2015

My very first (No-Bake Oreo Cheese) Cake

Hellooow yellow!

Apa kabar semua nyaah? I have a story from last week, about my very first attempt on making a cake. It was an Oreo Cheese Cake, but made without having to bake it. This recipe is perfect for me who lives in an apartment that is not equipped with an oven. The process is pretty easy *ehem sombongnyaa* where all you need to do is just put everything in the bowl, mixed it and put it into the baking pan. Jahaha  :D  I'm not gonna tell you how to make the cake because surely I'm not the expert, however what I'm going to tell you is the experience of making my first cake and what I feel about it *cewe banget yaa pake feeling terus

Actually baking cake is a familiar thing for me. When I was little my mom often bake cakes for  a special occasion or just for us to eat on the weekend. I used to help her prepare the utensils, measure the ingredients or  the most exciting task was to help her hold the mixer. I always have this paranoia of the mixer gone out of control and dropped the bowl  0_O. So when I actually did my first attempt on making a cake, I felt like I'm channeling my mom and tried to remember what and how would she do when making a cake. Ow and so you know, my mom past away when I was 17th, so I didn't get much chances to learn to be a grown up women from her. This successful attempt marks a  new milestone in my life, especially since baking a cake is something that my mom love to do. 

Even though the recipe is quit easy, but it wasn't as smooth as what I've learned from the tutorial video on Youtube. When I tried to make the creamy layer, the cream wouldn't whipped while I've been mixed it for almost half an hour, luckily I used electrical mixer not a whisk. I don't wanna get a muscle by baking a cake ! . Feeling devastated, I took a rest for a while and googled why my cream wouldn't whipped and then I found out that I've used wrong type of cheese cream and cream. I bought the one for cooking, which will never whipped unless you willing to hold the mixer onto the cream for about a day maybe? After figured out the mistakes I ran to the groceries store and bought new cheese cream and cream and make sure it said 'for baking' or 'whipped' in the packaging. In this point I realised making a cake is not as easy as play dress up. You can not mix and match everything and substitute an ingredient with other ingredient although it is quit similar.  On baking, you can be creative when you are an expert, but for beginner like me - better stick to the recipe. While, say in fashion, you can be super creative with what you want to wear and you only need one recipe, put a lot of confidence on  yourself while you wear it. :) 

so here are pictures of my cake, I know it didn't look pretty like in the cake shop but all my friend who've tasted it said that it was delicious even more than the one they can get in a restaurant. *thank God I have lovely friends*  

I like to wait my mom to finish mixing the creamy dough so I can lick the whisk after

tradaaa ! proudly present my first cake :)
perkakas nya harus warna warni biar masaknya semangat :D
oopss I guess I focused the pic on the box not the cake :D

Kue ini terinspirasi dari link ini dan dari postingan dari blog Mia di sini. Thank you Mia buat postingannya yang sangat menginspirasi :)

What I like about social media and blog is, you can get lots of information and knowledge if you use it wisely. Get inspired by people you follow on the internet and don't get jealous with them! This is what sometimes people fall to when using social media, they see it with negativity thus they disadvantage themselves by not getting any positive things from what they see on the internet.

if you want to try to make your own cheese cake, you can check this video 

selamat mencoba ! ^^


Sunday, April 12, 2015

Giving Summer Second Chance : Vintage Picnic

before the sun hides behind the clouds whole day
before it will be too cold too sit outside
lets have a picnic !!

Picnic is one of my new fav things to do since I moved here. The clean air and the fairy clean grass area here turns me into someone who never feel hesitate to stop for awhile from my promenade and sit down relaxing on the grass especially when the sun is warm. I would never do this in Indonesia,, even in what they called as 'picnic area'. I feel like the grass is not clean enough for me to sit without a rug. Luckily, last week we had couple warm days, so I decided to go out and have a picnic before the days will only be gloomy cold days during winter.

I went to Melbourne's Royal Botanical Garden that day, a huge garden where basically a garden with picnic area all over the place. Yes, there is a lot of benches provided in the garden, but who would sit in a bench when going for a picnic? 


Here is a tips of what to bring for picnic ?

1. rug, for comfortable lay down. I brought Sarong Bali instead of a rug. Lighter in weight, easier to carry and the best thing about Sarong Bali is that it could be used as a beach towel in case you change your mind and turn your car heading to the beach instead. ;)

2. sunscreen, a must must bring. I use the one with the highest SPF from Banana Boat. Re-applied when needed.

3. hat, girls want to have a pretty picnic right? besides it can be used to cover your face while laying down.

4. sunnies, useful yet stylish.

5. finger foods and drinks, happy tummy happy me! :) finger foods is easy to prepare (you can even buy some snack from grocery store on your way to the site) and simple to bring for your picnic, while you need to bring enough drink so you would not get dehydrate being under the sun for some times. Here is the important thing, Don't Litter ! put your waste on the bin or bring it home and throw it on your rubbish bin. This is why finger food is recommended for picnic, so you don't need to be bothered by your wasted food.

Confession #1 : I once brought nasi-rendang-sambal-padang for picnic (*-*). It was lunch time and I had to have rice for my meal *Indonesia banget*.

6. books or mags,  things to accompany you enjoy the time if you go picnic by yourself.

I wore a vintage dress I got from a vintage warehouse

I hope *fingercrossed*, Jakarta will have a clean and proper picnic area by the time I come back there. Picnic is a nice - non-money consuming kind of activity you can do for your leisure time. It also could build people awareness on cleanliness of the environment, if they like to go picnic and would definitely do it again, they would keep the area clean thus always be comfortable for them.