Saturday, December 20, 2014

girls and wardrobe

Yellow all,,

Long time no see yes? and do you know what makes me write again after a while? It is our inspiring girl, irmapoezh, who is lately excited to blog again and promote it in her social media. 

Anyhow, what I want to write today is about my closet. Since I moved to a four seasons country, my closet went crazy mess with stuffs. I felt like I need to have proper outfits for the whole seasons - summer, autumn, winter, spring thus I went crazy on shopping and bought too much stuffs. Some of the stuffs ended up never worn even once. Frankly this happened before to me with my UP shoes as I posted here

To avoid having unnecessary stuffs in our closet, it is important to know your style. By knowing your style, you can invest more in essential items that get along well with your style. Because no matter how much fashion item you have, you will have those favorite items which you wear more often then the other, the items that really represent your style. There are several items that essential for me, that without any conscious I had several of it on my closet and wear it much. 

neon colors

Animal print

Neutral hue (white more preferable)

oo0, another tips for your closet, organize your cloth based on its colour. Notice how I stack my black  t-shirt and white t-shirt together. Ooops pardon my messy closet :D

and when you want to keep you boots in a good shape, put some water bottles waste inside of it. But make sure you've dried the bottle first!

Hope those tips could help you so you will never stand and stare infront of your closet and say to yourself  - I have nothing to wear!! 


Sunday, September 21, 2014

Off Duty

Yellow girls

As you all may know, I'm now continuing my study abroad which means I'm currently 'off duty', if you like to say, It's not that I quit from my job, can't do that since I'm a civil servant, instead I will engage with my work for quit long time. Talking about long time, do you know how boring it is to do the same routine activity every day for years? That was how I felt before I move here to study. Being good at one thing traps me in a comfort zone thus make me forget how to be curious and eager to learn new things. At some point I feel  like I've done a lot for my office and it's time for me to improve my capacity and knowledge. Then here I am, away not only from my office but also from family and things I love - my business. It was sad to leave my 'WAM' when big opportunities were offered to me to grow my brand bigger that time. But life is a box of chocolate and they all tasty in different flavour. Somehow you have to choose one in a time so you can taste how sweet each of it is. A lot of time I miss doing my business, but it is hard to run a business from a far away distance. So I think maybe this is the time for me to improve my capability on fashion industry. Last month I joined a class related to fashion and planning to take other classes.

I will utilize my 'off duty' period to learn as many as I can to enhance my capacity as a public servant and also as a manager of WAM. If somehow you feel yourself in an 'off-duty' condition, where you have nothing to do because you are not going anywhere on weekend, or maybe because you are currently not working yet, you might want to start to think that it is the best time to explore yourself by learning more. :)

thank for reading

Friday, August 29, 2014

Connect the Dot

Once upon a time, I had a crazy fancy on dots. Because I tend to wear my favorite piece of clothing all over again and again, I thing I'v done too much with stripes. And also, I like everything that have vintage vibes, so something on polka-dot which is one of vintage style would be a  good choice to get over my boredom of stripes. So, I went to a vintage store and I found this lovely polka-dot dress which comes in yellow color.  

Royal Exhibition Building Mebourne

mandatory  #selfie :D

if you want to elevate your appearance, doubled it ! as I doubled my polka-dot dress with a polka scarft


Saturday, July 12, 2014

Girls Gone Crazy


Yellow girls, here's a throwback story of me at the grand opening of H&M store. Actually almost all of my post here is a *hashtag* throwback since I have not much time to write a.k.a too lazy to update my blog *wink.

In April 2014, Australian in particular Melbournian felt so much excited because H&M will open their first store in Australia. Australia H&M is a concept store situated in GPO Building at Bourke Street, where only takes five minutes from my place, could you imagine how excited is that?! . I know they’ve opened H&M store in Indonesia almost a year before they build it here in Melbourne, but I never went there because I rarely bought and wore brands other than my clothing brand WAM back that time. Somehow I felt tempted and excited to join all Melbournian to be the person who firstly entered the store and shop on the grand opening day. In addition to my excitement, I heard they give 20% whole store discount which I figured later that no discount at all that day :D . I queued with a friend of mine and other hundreds excited people for an hour before H&M opened the store. I even shouted with them, counting the grand opening time down, things that I would never do in Jakarta  **alay banget gituh

they set the count down since few days before
the queue was crazy

feels like Colombus when he first arrived in the land of America **kiss the floor**

the inside store

the inside store
three floors shopping heaven
with my partner in crime, we learned not to give up that day
H&M Australia Brand Ambassador ?? :D
GPO stands for General Post Office, and yes the building is formerly a post office which built in 19th century in a Victorian style. Both the inside and outside’s store looks so beautifully vintage, offering comfortable yet classy atmosphere that makes you feels like shopping in a boutique instead of a ready-to-wear brand store. What could makes my day more than shopping nice cloth in a nice place. 

I love cloth and I love vintage (venue)


Sunday, July 6, 2014


Yellow all,

I could not believe it has been six months since the first time I left Indonesia to start a new life in Melbourne, shifted my status from employee to student. For the first two months everything feels so exciting, living in other country, exploring the city, making new friends with local people and international students or even going from my place to university which takes only 10 minutes walk feels like new adventures for me. The thrill slowly retards when class started, demand full attention from student thus they only think about themselves and their study and (sometimes) forget how to socialize and be nice to other people (which in this story: me). It was the end of what so called by my former cross-culture teacher as "the honeymoon period".

That was the moment that rings my bell; I’m a student and am here to study. I never imagine that study a master degree will be this hard, requires big efforts from student to study independently from huge range of literature and to think critically based on our own understanding. I struggled with my new life on my own without family and true friend, tried hard to catch up the lesson in class, finished my assignment on time and managed my stress. However I always see the bright pink side of everything, I know I’m living my dream to live abroad and also building my future dream to have a good career so I could contribute good things to my organization and my country. It might sounds too big, but we should think and dream big right?

Talking about stress management, there are two things that can boost my mood and makes me happy: shopping and play dress up. But I guess those are cure for every girl when they feel unhappy, sad, or stressed, right girls? J. Living a #studentlife is like living new life with chances and freedom to express myself through what I wear. Express myself through clothing does not mean overdress everyday to university, I’m a student not a model and the university is not a runaway tho J. It means no more typical employee formal attires, no more pretty hand bags and no more high heels. Here are some of my student look . . .     

Sometimes I feel so lazy to join the class 

In the school hallway

Strike a pose before go to Uni

me at University Square

Those look so simple right? As representative of hijabers, I just want to dress appropriately so that my international friends would see hijabers as normal as other student. I don’t want them to see hijabers as a closed-minded person that keep their distance from non-moslem people or even hijabers as a glamour person like how they thought about Arabian people.
Less is more !!


Friday, May 2, 2014



it was my first time visited Ikea, a furniture, appliances and home accessories store. The store was so huge and full of nice colorful things. I felt like I found my new playground, I spent almost an hour just to strolled around and took a lot of picture :D
I didn't wanna go home !

I found a lot of cute printed material, mini sewing machine, nice posters, and many inspiration to decorate my future apartment. I hope it will realized soon , amiin


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

leaving the comfort zone

I wear sunnies a lot here, more than in Jakarta where I only put my sunnies on while driving on a daylight. I always like cat-eye frame or at least frame that a bit square to balance my round-shape face. One day I saw my friend wear a round-frame sunnies and I think it was super cool. The other day I found the same sunnies like my friend have, and I decided to bought mine. I love it, gives me new look. 

It is good to try something different, if you like the new thing then carry on, but if you don't like it just keep trying, you might surprised with what you've never know you're gonna love. 

but perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you . . . . (al baqarah; 216)


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ballerina In Sneakers


Hi, how are you doing ? hope you guys doing great this week as I am. Though I had a so-so week, I'm not gonna say I have a 'not so great' week because it shows ungrateful of what Allah had gave to me. Living in a new city had risen my adventurer side to explore the city and the country as well. But it's a shame, I haven't met anyone who have the same eager to go out and explore new place as much as I do. Besides, I have to be serious with my study, so I need to balanced my time between become a tourist and a student. 
Being a student after a quite long time 'not in a relationship' with school is not so easy. However, I found one thing that makes me happy having 'student' title is that I felt as though I got my licence to dress-up as casual  as I want. I got freedom to play with my outfit without someone telling me that I look weird or inappropriate like what sometimes happens when I was at the office.