Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i got uniform from my office, it is light blue for the shirt and dark blue for the skirt. i usually put dark blue hijab with my uniform so it suit the skirt.

But today i feel likes adding some color for my uniform, so i put pink as my hijab. so this is how i looks

some blur in my face but i still looks pretty right ? :-P. At first i dont feel that pink hijab get along well with the blue shirt, so i put a colorful ribbon corsage to make the hijab suits the uniform

me, nisa, nuni, pipit, anna

this is me with my friends, i'm the only one who wear a bright color hijab,,, aach i love to looks different from the others  ;-)
and this is my idea of how uniform supposed to be :-P

super wwooww....!!!
this uniform will absolutely boost my spirit to come to the office each day  :-D

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


hii there !! i have new thing to share

couple days ago boyf open google play and found new application called POSE on the feed page, so he download it for me,.. oow so happy. he knew me well,,, love you baby :-* . This is how POSE looks on your android

using POSE we can share fashion item that we’re buying (or thinking of buying) with our friends. To play it, is so simple: when you’re in a store and you come across a neat jacket, or some nice jeans, just take a snapshot. Next, tag it with your current location and the item’s price, and share it with friends. Your friends can then leave their comments on the photo, and you can browse photos your friends have shared in the style feed. You can also dress up with your own collections, mix and match your clothes and then just POSE !!
\(^ ^)/

such a right application for someone who likes to share their outfits and style. come join POSE and don't forget to follow me yach... wardrobeandme ...
cheers :)  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

new member of my lil family

look what i've found !!!
new member of my lil family (red. my accessories),
2 new rings ... ! horaay \(^^)/

and this is the whole family (red. accessories)

does anyone realize that bracelets are not part of the family? it's true, because of my small wrist hand, so each time i wear a bracelet, it always slide down to my hand and makes me feel uncomfortable.

this is the special one cos' i only wear it while hang out with boyf.. yeah it kinda statement from me to him :P

PS : i always remember what kimora lee simmons said,

                       "smile is the best accessories"

cheers ^.^

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

color blocking

color blocking is one of fashion trends this year. it's about combining 2 or more different colors on your outfit. if you ever try to figure out how to make it work on yourself, here are some tips to help you mix-and-match color and put as an outfit together using the colors diagram.
1. pick 2 colors that stand next to each other, as the diagram below                                                           

2. if you wanna be more playful with your outfit color, pick 2 colors that stand directly accross to each other,

3. other way to decide colors to be combined, you can use the alphabet formula, using alphabet T or X    (formula?? sounds like studying chemical at school hah? hehe)

i tell you, this diagram really helpful, you can avoid standing too long staring at your closet try to pick colors for your outfits. aanddd.... this is how this diagram help me colorblock my outfit.

 just realized that orange and purple can be a very nice combination ... ! and i think this girl agree with me \(^^)/

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mr. Mustache

I'm not a type of girl who likes a man with a mustache. For me it seems, every man with a mustache were born in 1950 or something :P  . But lately i realized mustache looks cute when it meets fashion. Here are some of what i've found

necklace :                                               rings :

bags :                                              tees :

and since i don't have any mustache-fashion-item, sooo i accessories myself with a fake mustache haha. Isn't it look cute    :-*

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

back to business

Hi there,
it's been a while since my last entry on this blog, about 9 months and 6 days ago :)
and now i decide to write again,,, though not easy to find words to be written *it spend 1 hour to write this 2 line*. I've been thinking to share any interesting and useful information on this blog especially corcerning about fashion. I hope i can keep my self from writing my "personal story of the day" a.k.a 'curhat' which will be full of anger and sadness, coz i doubt it will give any useful information for you guys :-P .

Speaking about blogging, i attended an event held by Fimela at Grand Indonesia on July last year. It called  Empowering Women Through Blogging, which has purpose to enhance the ability of networking and entrepreneurship through blogging. They invited Ninit, Ollie and Duo - Fifi Alvianto & Hanna Faridl as speakers. For you who haven't know names I mentioned, let me tell you brief info about them.

Ninit is the writer of Si Jago Merah, Get Married, Chocoluv, Kok Putusin Gue??, Mendadak Dangdut, Heart and Test Pack. Four of her books made into movies. She is also one of the founders of the urban mama. Ollie writes 20 books. The person behind kutukutubuku, startuplokal, a web consultant, and as far as we can say she is a true online entrepreneur. She is the winner of Bubu Award for Tourism Blog Writing Competition by and the winner of New Wave Marketing Picture at Flickr hissed by MarkPlus. Fifi Alvianto & Hanna Faridl are the founders of hijab-scarft and casa-elana.
These four beautiful women are my favorite bloggers, I regulary read their blog when I first start do blog walking.

In this event, they share some tips to write a blog , such as :
1. start writing,  when u have willingness to write a blog then just start writing. In the beginning you might post something ... let say.... too much casual writing, too personal writing, or just a random thought of you, but as you get more experience in writing blog, you will develop your ability on writing and sharing useful informations to the readers. Fyi, Ollie admited, on her first years blogging she couple times post something that too personel yet unimportant things. Sooo, dont hesitate to start writting even if it's just your random thought.
2. ask for a friend help, okey lets admit that less women are good at IT or any computer stuff. If you have any difficulties while making a blog or website, just ask for your friends favor. Then, voila ! problem solves
3. get inspired, read a lot, see further, hear more. Inspiration can come from everywhere. Don't be afraid, you won't run out idea
4. be expert on something, to get people attention to your blog or if you wanna get more advance by making money from blogging or running a website, you should be expert on something and get specialization. Show something unique from your blog or website so people will acknowledge you. For an instant, hijab-scarft is specialist on hijab fashion blog and they are expert on mix and match outfit for hijabers.

That's what I got from the event, pretty encourging to start blogging hah?
So, gurls.... lets blog and write !! *pocked Sita who also back to her blog today after couple month stop writing.

i got a book from Ninit for asking a question :)
taken from hijab-scarft