Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Day New Life


Yellow all, it was such a loooong time didn't post anything here. Since this mid-year I've been busy preparing my study which will be started on January 2014 . I'm no longer busy with office activities which are always blamed as the reasons I rarely update my blog and business. Surprisingly, this study thingies took my time and thought more than office stuffs, so I lil bit abandoned my WAM and my blog. However, I keep my eyes on what happens in hijab-fashion industries. Frankly, makes me envy, seeing existing label grown bigger and new brand keep entering this industries. But, life is a choice and for this time I've chose study as my priority. I hope by the time I finish my study, you all haven't forgoten my brand - WAM - 

2014 is coming, as I recap my best moment in 2013, I realised that Allah was very very kind to me. I can't even remember what made me sad during this year. 

trip to Bali - trip to Singapore - joined IIFF - joined IALF - my Bday

The most important things from my 2013 is the people I shared the moment with. Thank you for all of you who were there with me when great things happened. Most of all, thank you Allah 

Lets end this 2013 with Alhamdulillah
and start 2014 with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim

may Allah bless us always

~ Wulan 

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