Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ballerina In Sneakers


Hi, how are you doing ? hope you guys doing great this week as I am. Though I had a so-so week, I'm not gonna say I have a 'not so great' week because it shows ungrateful of what Allah had gave to me. Living in a new city had risen my adventurer side to explore the city and the country as well. But it's a shame, I haven't met anyone who have the same eager to go out and explore new place as much as I do. Besides, I have to be serious with my study, so I need to balanced my time between become a tourist and a student. 
Being a student after a quite long time 'not in a relationship' with school is not so easy. However, I found one thing that makes me happy having 'student' title is that I felt as though I got my licence to dress-up as casual  as I want. I got freedom to play with my outfit without someone telling me that I look weird or inappropriate like what sometimes happens when I was at the office.


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