Thursday, March 26, 2015

Love You Like XO : Ikat Clutch

I'm a fan of anything that comes in Indonesia's traditional fabric, such as Batik or Ikat, which lately becoming more famous in our local fashion industry. When I visited Indonesia Fashion Week last month, I saw this cute clutch made from Tenun Ikat Bali on one of the stall there. I tried to ignore and continued to walk around the exhibition. However, after finished strolling around, I was still thinking about the clutch and you know what's the meaning when you kept thinking about something after you saw it in a store or in a display? you have to have it !! So I decided to go back to where I saw it and finally bought it ^^/

I prefer monochrome
To Have and To Hold , couldn't agree more!! *wink

Clutch from IG @wearemanikan

Binnale 2013 National Gallery Jakarta

Btw, did you know that Ikat is the oldest patterned fabric in the world? 
makes me even prouder to wear it.



  1. cute, aku blm punya clutch yg kain nusantara bagus yss

    1. iyaah, apalagi jadi statement clutch karena ada tulisan nya ^^

  2. Very nice piece of art work. It is lovely. I really like the ikat fabric. Thank you for showing me such a beautiful clutch.

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