Saturday, April 25, 2015

Wear Flare Don't Care

Fashion is cyclical. What's in trend nowadays is something that already worn by fashion people decades ago. There is actually nothing new from what so called as the latest trend, because mostly it is an improvement of what has been in the fashion industry years before. Say, fringe, the spring/summer trend that is inspired by bohemian people from years 1970's. But does fringe really start to exist in fashion since year 70's? Then what about the flapper dress, with fringes at the bottom part of it or sometimes on the entire dress,  worn by girls in 1920's? We can say that most fashion item will re-emerge and trending again in the future. 

This year's trend is the re-emerge of fashion in 1970's. People start to put their pencil-pants and have a bigger-bottom pants, and so do I  ^^   I bought a flare pants from a Sunday market since early last year, because I like how Rachel Zoe pull it off while every body still wearing boyfriend jeans or pencil crop pants. Since I bought it, I never really had guts to wear it for out, so end up I only wore it at home. But this year, I think, well this is the time, it is already legal now to wear flare-pants because the magazine says 1970's is back in 2015.  pufff lame girl *-*

Flare pants will be best paired with platform shoes or sandals so the legs will looks longer and really shows the flare shapes. On picture above I paired my flare jeans with long-vest and shirt jeans, while below I wore it with a cartoon tees and a varsity jacket. I'm not sure tho that varsity jacket is from 1970's but it's kinda give an old-school look right? The second look is inspired by this lovely girl.

Gorman flare pants | H&M varsity jacket | Cotton On tees | Zara shirt jeans