Friday, March 4, 2011

Sweety March

molly stripes ribbon pocket dress   IDR 70

 { tiny black ribbon on its side pocket }

sophia in style dress   IDR 90

{ available color - red (SOLD), electric pink, black }

{ with vintage buttons}

lady nautica dress   IDR 92

{ with cute nautica accessories }

{ available color ~ purple, grey, blue }

do you feel like a lady sailor. .?? *wink

sophia vintage blazer look like    SOLD
claire simply dress    IDR 60

{ dress not include }

{ available in purple SOLD }

{ available in grey SOLD}

{ available in brown SOLD}

claire simply dress    IDR 60
{ jersey dress, it's so soft and comfortable to wear }
{ available in purple (SOLD) and white }

mary jane blouse in white     IDR 60

mary jane blouse in pink    IDR 60

mary jane blouse in broken white    IDR 60

aren't they look so cute ?? 
grab them and make it as your favorite blouse

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