Monday, March 21, 2011

Unruffled Ruffle

this ruffle things will never ruffled you. 
it will always cheers your day
claire one ruffled shoulder dress   IDR 80

{ sweet ruffle on its one side arm }

{ available color ~ grey and navy }

little missy ruffle shirt    SOLD

{ diagonal ruffle on its front and back }

anna pretty dress   IDR  81

{ with petite lace on its fringe }

{ available color ~ grey }

katie ruffle love dress   IDR  70

{ densely ruffle makes the jersey dress more gorgeous }

{ available color ~ red, black, white }

sophia romance ruffle dress    IDR 89

{ grey color with fish scales motive }
{ put pearl jewelry to give a romantic look }

to order and inquiries, drop your email through
warm-ruffle greetings from Wardrobe and Me
muach   ;)

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