Wednesday, March 28, 2012


i got uniform from my office, it is light blue for the shirt and dark blue for the skirt. i usually put dark blue hijab with my uniform so it suit the skirt.

But today i feel likes adding some color for my uniform, so i put pink as my hijab. so this is how i looks

some blur in my face but i still looks pretty right ? :-P. At first i dont feel that pink hijab get along well with the blue shirt, so i put a colorful ribbon corsage to make the hijab suits the uniform

me, nisa, nuni, pipit, anna

this is me with my friends, i'm the only one who wear a bright color hijab,,, aach i love to looks different from the others  ;-)
and this is my idea of how uniform supposed to be :-P

super wwooww....!!!
this uniform will absolutely boost my spirit to come to the office each day  :-D

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  1. aku berwarna juga kok mbaakkk,,,berwarna hijauu daun yang aku pegang..:|