Tuesday, March 20, 2012

color blocking

color blocking is one of fashion trends this year. it's about combining 2 or more different colors on your outfit. if you ever try to figure out how to make it work on yourself, here are some tips to help you mix-and-match color and put as an outfit together using the colors diagram.
1. pick 2 colors that stand next to each other, as the diagram below                                                           

2. if you wanna be more playful with your outfit color, pick 2 colors that stand directly accross to each other,

3. other way to decide colors to be combined, you can use the alphabet formula, using alphabet T or X    (formula?? sounds like studying chemical at school hah? hehe)

i tell you, this diagram really helpful, you can avoid standing too long staring at your closet try to pick colors for your outfits. aanddd.... this is how this diagram help me colorblock my outfit.

 just realized that orange and purple can be a very nice combination ... ! and i think this girl agree with me \(^^)/