Wednesday, September 5, 2012

curiosity will kill you

Assalamualaikum gurls,

I wanna share a story about my stupidity of not being a smart buyer.
So fyi, I'm not a wedges person, but more a pumps-shoes girl. I often saw pair of cute wedges at the shoes store, it catch my sight but never make me fall-in-love and decided to bring them home. 
Last month I craved for a new pair of footwear coz I (feel) don't have one for i wear hangout. Lately I always wear flats but sometimes I feel it doesn't match the outfits, so I prefer some heels for the new one. I looked around on UP shoes website, found this pink eye catching Nina Batik Shoes. I thought for a while and decided to buy it. It was a quite fast decision making, because frankly I still didn't get the falling-love-at-the-first-sight feeling. The shallow reasons i had just, first - I need a new hangout shoes, second - everyone wear wedges nowadays, third - UP shoes is very famous among girls.
The whole reasons seems like an ego to fed my curiosity. Curiosity to answer the question "why I never really like wedges while everygirls wear it", and now the curiosity trapped me by buying something that's not my style. Last week the package arrived, I opened the box and tried the shoes,, tadaaaa it was to small for my feet. I bought the wrong size!! It can not be return, so I asked my friends if they want to buy it. There's one friend who usually wear the same size as my Nina Batik Wedges, but she refused to buy it for one true reason "wedges is not my style" said her. Bhhamm..!! it hits my head, why am I not act like a smart buyer? Giving up my style for things that most people wear. Now, I try to be smarter on buying something, by asking some question to my self before I decide to buy a thing "will I really love it, wear it often and won't let it end up on my closet after I wear it once" or "do I buy it because it describe my style or just because everyone wears it" or "is this a curiosity or is it what i really want/need".

Btw, if one of you interested to have this Nina Batik Wedges, let me know yaa,,
It's number 36 or fits 23,5cm feet length, and it's ready to delivered to your address, no need to wait the pre-order proccess as you order from the website

thanks you for reading and lets be a smart buyer
salam, Wulan


  1. :o how can I call u? may b we can have a great deal

  2. hai laili, bisa hubungi aku di 0817838526 yaa :)

  3. Yeah that's true. sometimes we bought something just because everybody wears it and we wonder if it be looked good on us too. hehehe... i bought ria miranda's jumpsuit online and it was too big for me. i tried to make it smaller,but i ruined it instead :(. follow ur blog sist