Friday, September 28, 2012

WAM Debut Design

Assalamuallaikum all

As i've mentioned before here, after up and down emotions try to build a brand with my colleague, I decided to run my own label. It's is not easy to do this fashion business, but man jadda wajada right ? if there is a will, there is a way. 

Until where I am right now, i just take my first step to pursuit my dream. I would like to say thank you to my colleague, Wisam, for teaching me to be a smart, tough, real entrepreneur. This is also her design. hope we will reach our dream ...

this is it, I do hope ya'all like it 

| Tutu Skirt - IDR 245 |
{available on Pink, Deep Purple, Peach}

|   Clara Top - IDR 140  |
{available on green and brown}
|   Mayo Suede Skirt - IDR 160   |

|   Penelope Long Cardi - IDR 150  |
|   Serena Wide Pants - IDR 160  |
{available on pink and purple}

|   Jezz Courdouray Jacket - IDR 200   |
|   Lizzy Asymetric Skirt - IDR 170   |
{available on purple, green, pink}

|   Joly Dress - IDR 170   |

|   Olivia Dress - IDR 170   |
{available on black and light brown}

|   Willow Asymetric Dress - IDR 170   |
{available on black and purple}
|   Serena Wide Pants - IDR 160  |
{available on pink and purple}

 |   Quinna Pants - IDR 175  |

I'm not a model, so pardon my awkward face and clumsy pose, just focus on the wardrobe *wink

I currently use my Pose and Instagram to sell the wardrobe,
So for order you can follow and leave comment
Pose @wardrobeandme
Instagram @wamarza

or you can still simply click the 'how to order' button on the right bar of this blog

thank you for reading
salam, Wulan

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