Monday, March 25, 2013

Maxi Scarf Tutorial

Assalamuallaikum y'all
It's really really long time not seeing you here, not that I've been very busy but I recently more into instagram, so you can also find me there. My daily activities still about office, bunbun and WAM next collection,, uuugh excited yet anxious about the production process will run well or not

Btw, I'm not a hijab-style person, if you acknowledge I often wear a simple hijab. But lately I like to cover my head using the maxi scarf like how Dina Tokio wear her veil. She inspires all of us, doesn't she? I wanna share how I wear my maxi scarf, so here it is . . .

wear your inner ninja and prepare your maxi scarf with measurement 170 cm X 110 cm (1), put the short side of the scarf (110cm) on your head symmetrically (2), pinned it under your chin (3), bring the whole scarf to the front (4) and encircle your head (5) repeat the step 3 and 4 again, encircle the scarf on your head (6), adjust the scarf so it won't be to tight on your neck and to create a nice drapery effect (7) and traadaaa..... it's a wrap!

You can pinned the scarf with tuspin anywhere you like, to make sure the scarf is steady enough to wear for your activities all day

Some people start with the long side (170 cm) when wear maxi scarf, but I prefer to start with the short side because I like if the scarf print faced to the front

This is my first tutorial, and still have no idea whether I will continue doing this (make a tutorial) or not cos there are a lot of pretty hijabers out there who are more expert and creative on making a hijab style. Let me know what you think about this tutorial,  hope this tutorial can inspire you like what my reason when start writing this blog...
to inspire at least one person

salam, love

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