Monday, April 1, 2013

three in one

Yellow you guys !!

How was your long weekend? hope it was as great as mine. Actually my long weekend truncated a day because Bunbun went to Denpasar for an office trip. But right away after Bunbun landed Jakarta on Saturday, we start to catch up our weekend. We went to White Box cafe and watch Madre at the cinema. Maybe it sounds very usual date for some people, but not for me and Bunbun. We rearly go to fancy cafe or restaurant, and never watch a movie on its early release. So for me, there are enough reasons to say that my weekend is great ^_^

Btw, for you Fashionistas, must be know well that stripes, leopard and skull are still become a fashionable items lately. If you feel too excited to wear those items, but you only have weekend time to explore your wardrobe like me (since I have to dress proper and wear uniform to the office), you can put those three together on one outfits. It surely elevate your style, but don't forget to keep it in the same tone colors. You don't want to hurt peoples eyes, right?  And this is what happen when I put stripes, leopard and skull together..


meet Loewee, my recent fav shoes. Loewee is for Leopard Wedges, this is what will you do when you love something too much, you give it a nick name ihihihi. I found Loewee at Payless, it's falling love at the first sight, feels like Cinderella find her glass shoes *lebay

chillin' pose 

I wore shawl from WAM shawl series called Scattered Skull (code. SS)
for order you can text me 0817838526 or BB 26a42b9e
the scarf only cost IDR 70k, so grab it gurls!!

thanks you reading
salam, Wulan


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    1. thank you Nourash, you are beautiful too

  2. ah I love your shoes!! you look awesome those mix print combo! :)