Monday, April 8, 2013

Square Hijab Tutorial


Happy Monday Everybody,,
another tutorial a la me
have a look at the steps, here it is

I'm wearing 150cm x 150 cm scarf

1. Wear scarf symetrically
2 & 3. Bring the tips of scarf to the back of the head and knot it
4, 5 & 6 Slipped the scarf on each side of your head to the front and pin it
7. Bring the rest of the scraf to the front, make it shorter on oneside so you will create triangle shape on your back
8. Bring the long side scarf to the short side and pin it.
9. Done ..

Maybe some of you see that this hijab style is not a new thing esp. if you are a Hijabista a.k.a hijaber fashionista (neey I just make that abbreviation a second ago and I don't know whether it is a common word or not) and a fans of Hana Tajima. But frankly, I never really know exactly how she makes her hijab style, but these are the ways I create that hijab look. Soooo hope it's useful for you. 

Btw, I'm wearing WAM SHAWL SERIES 

I like to give my product a name, and for this shawl I named it EVITA EYELASH *wink wink

Evita Eyelash (code EE)
200cm x 75cm
Price IDR 70k

complete your WAM outfit with WAM SHAWL SERIES gurls .. wohhooo

thanks for reading,
salam, Wulan


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