Sunday, March 30, 2014

In the Circuit


Yellow !! How are you guys doin? Hope everything doin great like what I've experienced lately. As you know,  -or now you will know that- , I stay in Australia now for 2 years study. It's a great life and great opportunity in my life. I won't spend my time here for granted, yet in study or in having fun.

On the 16th of March there was a cool event held in Melbourne, Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix. I'm not a fan of this sport, but attending a sport or music event and watch it live always makes your adrenalin rushed and give an unforgettable experience, right? . So I thought, why don't I watch the race with my friends ?! I was excited because it was my first experience to watch Formula 1 race, I even googled 'what to wear for watching F1'. ::shy. The key word for the outfits is Red-White-Black colors or -you can choose other colors if you like to look different-, just go casual -no formal gown, no big purse. And this is my attempt ,,,

inside the circuit
look at the crowd
(as if) had a pic with the champion

For me, hat is a must ! It can boost your appearance and also keep your head comfortable in sunny day or when the weather turn a bit wet. Ow btw, I think the exhibition's organizer also googled 'what to wear for F1', because look at how they organized the car , White-Red-Black. :D 

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