Sunday, July 6, 2014


Yellow all,

I could not believe it has been six months since the first time I left Indonesia to start a new life in Melbourne, shifted my status from employee to student. For the first two months everything feels so exciting, living in other country, exploring the city, making new friends with local people and international students or even going from my place to university which takes only 10 minutes walk feels like new adventures for me. The thrill slowly retards when class started, demand full attention from student thus they only think about themselves and their study and (sometimes) forget how to socialize and be nice to other people (which in this story: me). It was the end of what so called by my former cross-culture teacher as "the honeymoon period".

That was the moment that rings my bell; I’m a student and am here to study. I never imagine that study a master degree will be this hard, requires big efforts from student to study independently from huge range of literature and to think critically based on our own understanding. I struggled with my new life on my own without family and true friend, tried hard to catch up the lesson in class, finished my assignment on time and managed my stress. However I always see the bright pink side of everything, I know I’m living my dream to live abroad and also building my future dream to have a good career so I could contribute good things to my organization and my country. It might sounds too big, but we should think and dream big right?

Talking about stress management, there are two things that can boost my mood and makes me happy: shopping and play dress up. But I guess those are cure for every girl when they feel unhappy, sad, or stressed, right girls? J. Living a #studentlife is like living new life with chances and freedom to express myself through what I wear. Express myself through clothing does not mean overdress everyday to university, I’m a student not a model and the university is not a runaway tho J. It means no more typical employee formal attires, no more pretty hand bags and no more high heels. Here are some of my student look . . .     

Sometimes I feel so lazy to join the class 

In the school hallway

Strike a pose before go to Uni

me at University Square

Those look so simple right? As representative of hijabers, I just want to dress appropriately so that my international friends would see hijabers as normal as other student. I don’t want them to see hijabers as a closed-minded person that keep their distance from non-moslem people or even hijabers as a glamour person like how they thought about Arabian people.
Less is more !!



  1. Wulan masih cocok euy jadi mahasiswa, kece! Sukses terus ya, Wulan ^^

  2. :D Thank you Mita.. walaupun kadang masih suka ragu-ragu kalo lagi inget umur hehe