Sunday, September 21, 2014

Off Duty

Yellow girls

As you all may know, I'm now continuing my study abroad which means I'm currently 'off duty', if you like to say, It's not that I quit from my job, can't do that since I'm a civil servant, instead I will engage with my work for quit long time. Talking about long time, do you know how boring it is to do the same routine activity every day for years? That was how I felt before I move here to study. Being good at one thing traps me in a comfort zone thus make me forget how to be curious and eager to learn new things. At some point I feel  like I've done a lot for my office and it's time for me to improve my capacity and knowledge. Then here I am, away not only from my office but also from family and things I love - my business. It was sad to leave my 'WAM' when big opportunities were offered to me to grow my brand bigger that time. But life is a box of chocolate and they all tasty in different flavour. Somehow you have to choose one in a time so you can taste how sweet each of it is. A lot of time I miss doing my business, but it is hard to run a business from a far away distance. So I think maybe this is the time for me to improve my capability on fashion industry. Last month I joined a class related to fashion and planning to take other classes.

I will utilize my 'off duty' period to learn as many as I can to enhance my capacity as a public servant and also as a manager of WAM. If somehow you feel yourself in an 'off-duty' condition, where you have nothing to do because you are not going anywhere on weekend, or maybe because you are currently not working yet, you might want to start to think that it is the best time to explore yourself by learning more. :)

thank for reading


  1. Kece selalu, Wulan! Semoga studinya lancar jaya yah ^^

  2. aahh makasih mia :-*
    amin moga moga lancar, dirimu juga lancar dapet nambah ilmu dari sana sini. Yang aku liat dirimu suka ikut seminar kan :)