Saturday, December 20, 2014

girls and wardrobe

Yellow all,,

Long time no see yes? and do you know what makes me write again after a while? It is our inspiring girl, irmapoezh, who is lately excited to blog again and promote it in her social media. 

Anyhow, what I want to write today is about my closet. Since I moved to a four seasons country, my closet went crazy mess with stuffs. I felt like I need to have proper outfits for the whole seasons - summer, autumn, winter, spring thus I went crazy on shopping and bought too much stuffs. Some of the stuffs ended up never worn even once. Frankly this happened before to me with my UP shoes as I posted here

To avoid having unnecessary stuffs in our closet, it is important to know your style. By knowing your style, you can invest more in essential items that get along well with your style. Because no matter how much fashion item you have, you will have those favorite items which you wear more often then the other, the items that really represent your style. There are several items that essential for me, that without any conscious I had several of it on my closet and wear it much. 

neon colors

Animal print

Neutral hue (white more preferable)

oo0, another tips for your closet, organize your cloth based on its colour. Notice how I stack my black  t-shirt and white t-shirt together. Ooops pardon my messy closet :D

and when you want to keep you boots in a good shape, put some water bottles waste inside of it. But make sure you've dried the bottle first!

Hope those tips could help you so you will never stand and stare infront of your closet and say to yourself  - I have nothing to wear!! 



  1. aku dengar namaku disebut :P

    btw baru tau biar boots tetep ok harus dimasukin botol kalo ga dipake >.< punyaku aku gletak2in aja >.<

    1. sebener nya ada yang jual sih alat buat berdiriin boots selama disimpen tapi biar irit pake aja botol air mineral :D .. ini telat banget respons nya >_<