Saturday, May 2, 2015

Square Shirt Square Pants

Hellow Yellow !

I didn't go anywhere today, kinda Sad-ur-day .... hiks :'(
I miss everyone, but everyone seems to have their own busyness so I just stay at home.
Anyway ,,, stay at home doesn't mean you don't need to dress nicely, right? I like to dress nicely although I only stay at home and not even expecting any guest to come. For me dressing up is a way to show your grateful and  respect of yourself. It is true what they say - 'Don't Dress to Impress', but dress and be pretty because you now you deserve to look good and be good. I'm not saying that you need to dress in total look like you want to go to a party. What I'm trying to say is dress nicely so you would like your shadow when you look at the mirror and you would feel good about yourself. Women who feels good about themselves would bring good vibes to her surrounding. 

So I played dress up a bit today, and snap snap.. here's the looks  ! :) 


I guess Red is Always Right 
and Black - White - Red combo will never goes wrong


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