Friday, August 26, 2016

What Vintage Lover Can Do in Melbourne

Yellow !
does anyone of you planning to visit Melbourne?
and one of you happens to be a vintage freek?
good news ! you are reading the right blog ! because I'm about to tell you what vintage lover can do in Melbourne. I wrote this based on my experience, as a vintage lover, exploring this city for two years. I'm sure there are still lots of vintage hidden gems that you can discover  in every corner of this city. But lets start with what I've found ....

Explore the National Trust Victoria
National Trust of Victoria is an organisation that conserving and protecting many historic properties across Victoria. They also operates the properties since it opens for public. Some of the properties are located around Melbourne and can be reached using public transportation such as  Rippon Lea Estate, Old Melbourne Gaol, Polly Woodside and Como House. To enter the heritage site you need to pay not more than 10$ which I think is a fair price, considering the organisation is  a non-profit, community based organisation that have to fund themselves. 

in front of Como House
in front of Rippon Lea Estate

Vintage treasure hunting 
who wouldn't love to get a vintage folded shoes for only 10$ or silver sugar schuttle along with the scoop like the one your granny used to have.  You can play vintage treasure hunt on 
a thrift shops, sunday market, or even garage sale around your neighbourhood. Some of my favorite place to find some 'oldies but goodies' stuff are Sydney Road, Smith Street, Queen Victoria Market and Chamberwell Sunday Market. There are several thrift store in Sydney Road and Smith Street where you can find vintage stuff, such as Vinnies if you want to find vintage dresses, Scavangers if you looking for vintage home appliances or Brunswick Style that have everything oldies. I've been to Smith Street but not as much as I strolled around Sydney Road, so I didn't remember the store and couldn't suggest you any. There is also a big warehouse that use to held a weekend market selling selected vintage stuff and also cloths that is vintage look alike called Melbourne Vintage Warehouse.  

heavenly vintage @brunwick style
surprised when I figured out the entrance door to Melbourne Vintage Warehouse
what you can find at Queen Victoria Market - Vintage Market every Sunday 

Journey to the past at Sovereign Hills
Sovereign Hills is the biggest outdoor museum in Australia where you can travel back  in time to circa 1800's where gold are firstly discovered in Ballarat. You can spend a whole day in Sovereign Hills, forget the hustle and bustle city life and experience the life of gold miner back that time. I'm not gonna write a lot about this place here but promise gonna tell you my experience in Sovereign Hill on separate post ;)

local people you'll meet @sovereign hill

Take the W-Class Tram
Tram is the major public transport in Melbourne, and the largest urban tramway across the world. It has been operated since 1880's and continuously improving along with the evolution of technology in terms of the vehicle and the system. However the city keep several of this classic vehicle to operates on city circle line. If you want to get a feel for Melbourne in the good old days, take this W Class Tram! Enjoy hop on and hop off for free! 

pic. via google
pic. via google

I hope you enjoy your vintage journey in Melbourne ! ^^


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