Friday, January 22, 2016

Statement in Style

Statement or tumblr T-shirt is T-shirt with a word or sentences printed on it. This statement t-shirt is not a trend that last only one season, but it is fashion item that will always be around. Not only in t-shirt, catchy words also printed on jacket, cap or clutch. For me, wearing this statement or tumblr t-shirt or other items is an effortless way to get attention from people. They will stare for a second to read what your tees says. ^^

well, actually I am ^^
look at my 'I have nothing to wear' confused face, very convincing huh?
sure do :P
off duty because I was continuing my study at that time
Love you like XO , suppose to wear it while dating with bae

so what's your statement in style? 


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