Tuesday, April 3, 2012


many things to be proud of being Indonesian.
we have many great youth who done great things abroad and successfully brought Indonesia to the higher international level. One of Indonesian youth who catch my attention is Liquica Anggraini Raden. She is the founder of RADENRORO, one of the daring yet wearable clothing line based in New York City. The collection has been consistently praised for its use of top-quality fabrics and superb construction since its debut on the international fashion stage in 2008. RADENRORO can be found in finer specialty and department stores throughout the United States around the world or you can go to Harvey Nichols to find her collections.

Besides of how she makes Indonesia's designer can stand in the same line with other world's designer, what impressed me from RADENRORO is how she named the collection using truly Indonesian name such as Guruh, Pipit, Zaenab, Nuning etc.

oww i really love this girl ,, she didn't forget her birthplace ... hikss so touching
pic from radenroro.com

She even use my name on her design  horeeeyy

next time if we, me or you, get a chances to do something abroad,,
do it good and don't forget our birthplace,,*wink

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