Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Last night i had a hard conversation with boyf, and in the end i went home in silence. It was sadness and anger come up at once during driving home. I felt like i need to share it to my friends and so i rang my friend as i arrive home. At the beginning seams like i wanna spilt out a thousand words about what happened. But in the middle of phone conversation, suddenly i ran out words, all the anger and the sadness vanish. I heard my heart said to itself...

i love him anyway, he is who i want, that's Ok if he wasn't act as what i expected. 

i promised to myself to listen him more, understand him more, keep the voice tone low and never cut his words. 
may Allah will bring us both to a goodness.  

when in argue with your lover, remember it's not important to win the situation,
but what more important is not to lose the person