Monday, April 30, 2012


Yesterday i went to INACRAFT 2012, at first i felt doubt to came to this year INACRAFT coz i afraid i will spend a lot of money for things i already have and don't need another more. But,,, ahaaa !! another idea came up,,,  since i have a willing to join more bazaar this year so i need to go to INACRAFT to find some inspiration of how i decorate my booth someday.  *justification* hihihi

These are some booth with interesting decoration i've found

i like this booth because its look kinda classy, simple but elegant with the combination of white color and wood element

this Up2U booth looks comfy and feels like in our own room with its fur carpet, small couch, and a child-painting wall background

this booth really eye catching because it's ceiling decoration, looks beautiful with a lot of flower hanging on the ceiling, but would be nicer if used for wedding decoration.

i have no comment for this booth decoration :P just focus on its crowd. Dian Pelangi booth always become a most wanted booth on every exhibition.

this is the really happening songket blazer and outer... hmmm.. once i knew the price, i never touch this blazer anymore where ever i see it hihi

I went there on last day of the exibition, hope it will be less crowd and more discounts from the tenant. Totally Wrong ! it was really crowded and no last-day-discount ... whaaattt ??!!

but to feed my hungry-eye (read. lapar mata), I finally bought this,,

wallet, belt, bracelet, car-key wallet all from leather. 
if one of you who read this post are a member of animal-protection-association,,,,, i'm sorry but these stuff are soooo cute  (-_-)

i only lasted for 3 hours there and i believe i only saw the quarter of the exhibition, but i have no regret because the longer i stayed there, the more i got exhausted, the more i spent money :P

BTW, i'd like to share my new hijab,, since i came to the exhibition alone so i have no one to help me take the pic of my outfit, so i can only share to you the hijab :P

it's my recent favorite hijab.. bunny Fifi Lapin print scarft. Isn't it cute ? if you like it you can have it, just read howtoorder and contact me right away. ^^

* i always tell you my 'recent favorite something' but its always change and only last for a few days .. wierdo :D

thats all the field report of INACRAFT

salam, Wulan


  1. animal stuff nya lucuuuuu ...

  2. iya,, ga mahal lo nit, lagian dijakarta ga nemu yg jualan kulit :P
    kalo yg jual ini dari kota gede :D