Thursday, May 17, 2012


Yellow,, salam all

how's your day? I hope everything run terrific.

Today i'd like to share you about my earring. I love to wear an earring, coz it makes you looks more feminine. Though you have an extra short hair cut like a boy, an earring will makes you look as a gorgeous lady and add some value on your total look.  I actually have 5 piercing in my right ear, which i used to put an earring on each of it before i wear hijab. After i covered my self, i thought i will never wear an earring anymore, but since there's an inner ninja that allow us to makes a lot of alternative creation on covering our head i found a way to wear an earring again. huraaayy...

simple square earring
a'la Rihanna feather earring..... uppss , my ear seen lil bit

i like this one, red chandelier

salam, Wulan

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