Thursday, June 21, 2012


hii every-you.....

tribal or aztec print is one of the trend of this year, so i don't wanna miss the moment. I tried to find some tribal things to wear. This is what i found about 2 month ago at brother land (read. tanah abang :P )

it's a 2 meters long tribal print from chiffon crepe material. When i first bought it, i planned to make it as a shawl, but then i realized chiffon crepe is too thick for a shawl ( i.m.h.o ). Actually i had an idea to sew it as a square cardigan but i never did it. For two months the tribal print chiffon crepe end up at my cupboard until last couple week i decided to wore it as a skirt .. 

this is how the look,,

bunbun took a pic while i still not ready yet

wore it with Delisha cardigan

i used pin and belt to make the "skirt" keep hanging on my waist hihi
double the tribal effect by wearing tribal T.L.T.S.N flats

btw, check out how i created a tribal pattern \(^.^)/ . i draw it with bunbun's tablet

and i love this one,, it's from poplook.
actually the dress quit affordable, too bad the shipping cost from malaysia not equal with the dress cost. (-_-")

tell me how do you tribalized your outfit gurls ?



  1. lucu banget mba...suka banget motifnya..

    brb ke tanah abang..hehehe

  2. iya di TA banyak aja bahan-bahan lucu ^.^