Friday, June 15, 2012

current crush : mini sewing machine

One upon a time, me and the girls from my office had a lunch together on our long meeting-table. Girl's lunch-time is one of my favorite (escape) time at the office beside praying, talking at the pantry, hang out with bunbun and other smoker boys at the emergency staircase.. *i escape too much, do i ? :P

one of my friend, Sita said that she is craving for a mini sewing machine.. what ? can you repeat that again please? a mini sewing machine !! it's like the answer of my dreams lately, I want to start sew, make a simple dress for my own or for my niece , dynda.

this is how the sewing machine looks like

pic from mogus

imagine...!! it's only 18 cm height, I can put it in my office bag and sew under my desk  *LOL
I will give you the review if I already buy it.. *run to the nearest Ace Hardware

thank you for reading peps
salam, Wulan

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