Monday, June 11, 2012

arm party

hai every you...
yesterday i tried arm party... some people call it arm candy, but i search on google and found out that the meaning of arm candy isn't nice at all (IMHO).

pic from http://projectgadabout.squarespace

but like i've said before here , i have less bracelet then other accessories, so this is the only bracelets i can get for the 'party'. 

and add some ring

and this is my 'arm party' looks

 not such a big party right? ^.^

my poker face ^.^

thanks for reading,
salam , Wulan


  1. I love your rings :D
    And the bag is so beautiful :)

  2. thank you, i love the clutch also ^.^

    1. You are welcome :)
      Come visit my blog if you don't mind :D