Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Midi Me : How I Wear My Midi Skirt

Hello peeps!

OMG long time no post here! yes I know, I'm a lazy blogger.. but hey, the reason I rarely write new posts is because I try to share something useful on my blog. For me, blog is a media where I can share things through my posting such as experience, knowledge, thought etc and off course some picture to support the story. Some readers might enjoy seeing (not reading) a blog that only contains 'beautiful picture', but me, since the first time I became familiar with blogging world by reading dianarikasari, hijabscarf and jezmineblossom I knew that what we wrote is as important as the picture we post.
So here I am, after a while finally try to share some tips about how to wear a midi skirt. 

Midi skirt is a another choice of skirt that hijabi can wear, besides maxi skirt or pencil skirt. I started to do experiment with this kind of skirt because cute midi skirt is easier to find in Melbourne rather than to find a pretty maxi skirt. Midi skirt is tricky to wear, but here are some do's to pull off wearing a midi skirt.

1# Tuck your top into your skirt. This way is to create a longer lower body. When you slip in your top it will give you better waist-to-toes proportion

2# Wear a crop outer for a chic look. If you like to add an outer onto your look, choose the crop one. We want to avoid too much layer around your waist because the shape of midi skirt itself is already full and flare. Here i wore a crop cardigan on top of my basic tshirt.

3# Wear nude color footwear to give a long legs illusions. If you pair it wrongly, midi skirt can make you look short. If you worry your skirt will make you look shorter, pair your midi skirt with nude shoes. Flat shoes will be ok but pump heels or wedges will give you taller look even more. I wore a nude rope platform wedges. *since it's the only wedges I have :D

4# Choose the perfect length of skirt, not too low and most importantly not too high because we don't want to show too much ankles. You can wear a full legging underneath your skirt if you like. 

That's what I can share for you guys today
see you soon 


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