Thursday, December 31, 2015


31 December 2015.
Today, social media are busy with people posting their #2015bestnine picture. They pick,, or actually an apps pick 9 pictures from instagram (or facebook maybe, I'm not sure how it works..) that gets most liked by followers. However I have my own hastags which I called #Alhamdulillah2015. I pick one moment that becomes highlight of my 2015, that is my graduation. Yes only one moment,, I am that picky! ;) . Getting my master degree from the number one university ( yes I'm a proud alumni :D ) in Australia is another milestone in my life and its happened this year in 2015. 

although my family could not attend my graduation, but some special people came and made my day :)

ow I would like to share what I wore for my graduation. I brought a lace top and my mom's jarik in parang rusak print from Indonesia. Although graduation in here is less formal compare to graduation ceremony in Indonesia, but I really want to wear something that shows my identity as Indonesian. I'm kinda proud to wear  kebaya and kain for my graduation. I just tried to make sure that I will be comfortable enough when walking on the stage.

I brought a small clutch to put in essential items. I brought cellphone to kill the boredom while waiting my name to be called on stage, and also takes selfie :). I also brought gum for my throat when it dry because of excitement or nervousness and a foldable flat shoes. This foldable flat shoes from Scholl is totally a life saver after walking and standing for hours with heels. 

Happy new year for you who read this! I hope you have a great year ahead :)
Lets say #Alhamdulillah2015 and #Bismillah2016 !


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