Friday, December 25, 2015

How I Pack for My Business Travel

Yellow peeps,

Today I would like to share you of how i pack for my business travel. Packing is a hard thing to do especially for girls who would bring everything they have on their closet and put it on their luggage so they would have a lot choices of what to wear during the trip. I don't know with you guys, but sometimes I bring so much cloths even for two or three days trips because I used to layer my outfits. Whilst pack everything in a big luggage will end up a long wait for baggage on the airport because you could not bring your stuff on the cabin. So this time I try to mix match my outfits so I can put all the cloths I bring in my cabin size luggage

I got a chance to visit Canberra last October to join a program called BAGUS Program. BAGUS stands for Bringing Australian Government Understanding to Students, *such a brilliant abbreviation isn't it?!*.  The trip is sort of a business travel because the program includes visiting Australia's Parliament, Australia's government office and having dinner with some official from the office. For this official trip I have to bring formal, semi formal and off course casual outfits for strolling the city if I have free time in between the program. And here are what I brought to be mix and match :

(1) jeans (2) stripes tees (3) two shirts (4) cardigan (5) a pair of suit and (6) Batik skirt - not to forget accessories to complete the look such as pearl necklace, batik clutch. 

Day 1. departing from Melbourne 
I wore stripes tees and put blazer on it. Stripes is always a good choice to have a casual look but still look classy and by wearing the blazer you can save space on your luggage while keep you warm during the flight. I also wore boots because it was spring and the weather was a bit chill *and it also looks cool for your airport #ootd* ;) . When I had free time once I arrived in Canberra, I went for sight seeing around the hotel I stayed. Don't need to change cloths I just took off my blazer and ready to wondering around the city.

(1) + (2) + (5)

Day 2. formal dinner with Australian officials
I wore Batik skirt and black cardigan that I button so it works as a top. I put long necklace to get chic look. This look could also work for sightseeing around city.

(4) + (6)

Day 3. visit to Australia Public Service's office
I wore white shirt with my suit pants and paired it with cardigan I wore the night before.

(3) + (4) + (5)

Day 4. visit to Parliament House 
It was a formal visit so I wore my pair of suit with blue shirt.

(3) + (5)

The key for mix and match is to do it in neutral hue or do it in one tone color. Don't forget to bring some accessories and be playful with it.  I brought cloths in  neutral hues like grey, white and black. I pick statement accessories such as pink heels, long necklace and batik clucth ! Now you can still look stylish while travel in light. :)


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