Monday, July 9, 2012

van java

Yelooww all,

A few weeks ago I went to Bandung for an official trip from my office. Almost the entire staff from the office went there. It was a fun journey, because besides I like to travel, Bunbun also joined the trip.  fyi we work in the same office :P

Before returning to Jakarta, it seems so wrong (red. ga afdol hihihi) not to stop by at some Factory Outlet, so me and friends decided to stop by on Jalan Riau. There's alot of Factory Outlet there, but I'm most likey Lily and Rose, because it sell a cute clothes with reasonable price, and the store got a comfy and cute concept, 

look at the clothes,, like a vitamin to the eyes
the changing room, you have to open the door to see the mirror .. cute right?
they even decorate the backyard garden in front of the toilet
 this is what i've got from Bandung

i love the washed color and the accent of it's pocket and bottom
shoes #1
shoes #2
there's a story about the shoes, i can't decided which shoes will i pick. So i ask Bunbun's opinion which one nicer, he said  "pick one whichever you like, cos i will buy the other one for you". yeeeeaayy,,   oo  i <3 him so ^.^


that's the story of Bandung,, wishing to go back there again with Bunbun,, not satisfied yet with the Factory Outlet hihihi

thank you for reading,
Salam, Wulan


  1. I wish I could go there with u all T_T pengeeen mba wulan...

  2. enakan kesana buat jalan-jalan ma,, ga terbatas waktu nya kaya kmrn,
    hayok kesana lagi :D
    pipit siap menyediakan akomodasi hehe