Tuesday, July 31, 2012

die for tie dye

hellow everyone,,

remember the big shopping bag i brought from the sisterhood event,,
this is one of the bag contents,, slouchy pants and 'rajut' shawl by Dian Pelangi

why am i posing with tissue in my hand ? not clear (read : ga jelas)

The shawl and the slouchy pants are not my first Dian Pelangi's things. I bought wide dress last year but i rarely wear it. I love the slouchy and the shawl more than the wide dress, maybe because i bought it while discount ,, yes yes i {heart} discount%   ^.^

meet my niece, Dynda, she is my first niece so i'm pretty excited to share girl's stuff, girl's talk, girl's thingies with her. She is so cute, love her ::big hug

thanks for reading,
salam, Wulan


  1. nice style wulan ;) Nama kita sama yaaa,heheh.

  2. trims wulan ^_^
    *kaya ngomong sama diri sendiri hehe