Wednesday, July 18, 2012

sisterhood the event

assalamualaikum all
hi everyyou

 Finally the sisterhood-day came....the thrill.. feels like the high school promnite hihihi

I went there with irma, and we were very happy to be the part of the event. The audiences were less than expected, only half of the quota provided by the event organizer.

I attend the sisterhood class, host by Hanna and Fifi, my favorite duo, with Hana Tajima, Shea Rasol, Jezmine Zaidan, and Ami Schaheera as the guest stars. What can be more happy than being in the same room with our favorite blogger, seeing them 'live' ^.^   Shea, Ami and Jezmine share their blogging experiences, and in the end each gave a hijab tutorial.

I was the first audience who ask a question \(^.*)/  not such an important info hihihi. I raised my hand very quick and high so the host pick me as the first audience to ask. I asked a question to Jezmine about her OBB stores,,, *no pic but didn't mean hoax :-P

After Shea, Ami and Jezmine went to back stage, then it was time for Hana Tajima, surprisingly ... she is so small !! far than what i ever imagine her as a girl with a model figure. But the photo didn't lie, she is so pretty as we saw on the internet.

here are some few pic i can share,, still don't have a camera hikss

sisterhood tree : the leaves made from our fingerprints

happy face after spent a lot of money on Dian Pelangi 's booth
tired face, wish to see bunbun as soon as possible *spoiled

salute for the brilliant Dian Pelangi for making this event
that's all the field report of Sisterhood 2012, thank you for reading

Salam, Wulan

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