Thursday, August 23, 2012

DIY : Mustache Flat

Assalamualaikum !!!

Happy Ied Mubarok everyone \(^_^)/
How was your holiday? It was a quite long holiday for me, since i have no hometown to go, so I just stayed at home spent my leisure time with my bestfriend called TV Cable. Once I felt bored, I played with my super comfort ugly flat shoes, I gave it a mustache hohohoho,,,, and this was it...

the cracking leather is the original style of the shoes by little thing she needs, but it's getting worst lately :D . The leather is quite thin and easy to sewed, so I picked this shoes as my DIY experiment

I used felt material to make the mustache, wore the blue one because I dont have the black felt (>_<)

Not such a neat and tidy DIY 
I did it just for fun, I already bored with the shoes anyway, it's too plain :D

thanks for reading peps
salam, Wulan

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