Thursday, August 16, 2012

eat . babies. purple

yellow everyone!!

There are some points of my last weekend, eat - babies - purple.
So last weekend, I spent a girls time with my office mates. We went to our other office mate's house to meet their new baby born. It was far and traffic along the way, but it still fun coz we made a joke and laughed a lot (and i slept a lot hihihi). Actually it was my first visit to my office mate house, and I kinda enjoy it cos I have the opportunities to interact with them not only as an office mate but as my friends, out of the office atmosphere.

Baby Ditya and Baby Rania

After went to Baby Rania's and Baby Ditya's House we planned to have an iftar at a pancakes restaurant but the traffic force us to have iftar at Mc Donalds drive thru. Finally stepped into the pancakes restaurant, but we all confused of what to eat, too tired (and  too hungry ) to think I guess.

the girl in green blouse is not our friend but she also look confused, maybe she tired and hungry as we did hihi


I love the ambience of the restaurant, it boost my 'learn to sew' spirit \(^o^)9

the smile means 'we're full, alhamdulillah'
the 3 of us coincidentally wore purple
i wore : Curtain Skirt (Casa Elana look a like) | Dian Pelangi top | WAM plain chiffonshawl

happy time with friends \(^o^)/\(^o^)/\(^o^)/

thanks for reading
salam, Wulan

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