Monday, August 6, 2012

fuschia is the new black

the total look will be much sophisticated if i wore heels, but since i had to babysit, i prefer flat shoes

Went to the mall last weekend, accompanied my sisters buy Ied new outfits for their kids. My job was to babysit my niece and nephew, so i have no chances to captured much pictures. I wore a long chiffon shirt with half body button, it's so flowy and waving each time I walk, give a dramatic effect. Sometimes I love being dramatic :). I think I'm not gonna buy an Ied new outfits this year. Na'a don't get me wrong, it is not because i become more mature and only see Ied Raya Day as a self-reflecting moment as a moslem, but I already have several cloth that i haven't worn yet hihi upss.

Here's Dynda posing for me while waiting her mom shopping. I just said dynda, come take a pic, then she moved her body and made funny poses, I believe she feel very maximum with her pose that time hihihihi. Each time i took her pic, she come to me and ask curiously  is it (the pic) nice aunty? she behave like a teenager hadoooohh

love her miniskirt and boots, booth in jeans

thank's for reading
Salam, Wulan

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